Ask videos are designed to assist with the fundraising efforts of nonprofits. Normally, these are played at fundraising events and designed to play in smaller setting where fundraising is the focus. We’ve been producing nonprofit Ask Videos for several years. See some of our examples here and one below we made for Ronald McDonald House.

We follow a specific formula for developing ask videos that leads to more giving. Some think it’s an art, but it’s actually scientific!

A combination of cortisol and oxytocin combine when good stories are shared and create empathy for the situation and a desire to help with the solution. When a good story is told, following the appropriate story arc, the result is more giving – add has been proven in experiments conducted by Paul Zak!
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As part of our continued commitment to working with nonprofits, we are offering special pricing on Ask Videos until the end of 2015.

If interested, a nonprofit can simply commit to an Ask Video by the end of 2015 for its 2016 fundraiser and save 50% off the total video package up to $3000.

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This offer is limited to 12 nonprofits so inquire now! Save today!

In our content-saturated, short-attention-span world, breaking through and resonating with your audience is not easy.

However, when it comes to telling your story and sharing it with your audience, there is no tool like video. Through video, you can convey a compelling account of who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and why your audience should care. Through video, you can create an emotional connection to your business, brand, or nonprofit. And emotional connections inspire action.

We are Frost Media Group. We are a video production and video marketing company that produces and distributes video that breaks through. Video that resonates. Video with a purpose. Whatever your story, whatever your message, we will find a strategic, creative way to express it to the world.

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