As early as February 2020, the United States and those worldwide have been affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Today, each of us has had to tailor our way of life to keep ourselves and others safe. Everything is done with an innovative and safety mindset, from trips to the grocery store to business practices. 

With a business perspective in mind, several companies have implemented practices to keep their employees and customers safe. Rescheduling events, hosting meetings online, and allowing internal teams to work from home are significant changes to the way businesses operate right now, during a global pandemic.

But what if your business didn’t have to reschedule that big event? What if our team at Frost Media Group told you that you could host a successful event while maintaining everyone’s health and safety? We will show you how moving your event into an online virtual experience can be the perfect solution for your business right now.

As a video production company with experience in virtual video projects, we know what it takes to make your business events and webinars successful. So how do you get started? Let’s start with the basics. 

Know Your Audience

Before undertaking a virtual event, it’s essential to understand your customer base, your audience, and whom you want the event to target. Are they tech-savvy? Will they be more inclined to participate if they are? 

By answering these types of questions, you can predict and plan your event more effectively. Here’s a tip: Consider sending your audience a survey to gauge their wants and needs for a virtually held event by your company. 

Make it an Experience

When you think about events you have participated in a business capacity, what are some of the key elements you look forward to most? Is it cocktail hour? Q&A sessions? Guest speaker breakout sessions?

These essential agenda items are the backbone of any event, and it can be done seamlessly in a virtual setting. How? Live video feeds, pre-recorded videos are perfect ways to create an unforgettable experience. Additionally, you may consider interactive features such as live Q&A, polls, or chat, creating a connection between host and attendees.

It’s vital to communicate event details through social media, press releases, advertisements, your website, and email campaigns. For instance, you may include access links, QR codes, specified passwords, or day/time details. 

Don’t Skimp on Video Production

Using high-end video and sound equipment will allow others to feel as though they are there, at the event. To ensure your audience remains engaged and everything goes according to plan, keep these three suggestions in mind: 

  • Test run the equipment before the event time, even if you have to test it several times. You don’t want to end up being that person who has to say the inevitable, “We’re having technical difficulties.”
  • Use a quality camera and sound system for your event. The audience will be investing money in your gala, webinar, or event, which is why having a high-end camera and sound system is critical.
  • A secure, reliable wifi connection will keep those spotty feeds from occurring during the held event. The best way you can ensure this won’t happen is having a wired connection to your streaming hub. If not, have a service team standing by to help out, should anything occur.

We live in an uncertain time, but that shouldn’t keep your business from hosting events set on the calendar. Turning a public event into a virtual one can be done, especially with a video production company’s help. 

At Frost Media Group, we’re ready to make that happen. Our team offers custom video solutions to fit everyone’s needs, big or small. To find out more information on planning and technology needs, reach out calling our Kansas City, Kansas office at (913) 210-0748, or our Omaha, Nebraska office (402) 965-1334.