Frost Media Group OMA

Frost Media Group is locally-owned and operated in Omaha.

We have assembled an experienced and creative team of passionate people who are experts in video production and video marketing.

They can help take your project from just an idea to a finished product that reaches your intended audience and – most importantly – your intended outcomes. Our team can handle every aspect of the production process including concept, writing, location scouting, casting, filming, editing, graphics, voiceovers, music, integration, and distribution. Feel free to contact any one of us for more information.

Frost Media Group
4383 Nicholas Street, Suite #308
Omaha, Nebraska 68131
Tel: 402-235-8219

    260 Regency Parkway Drive, Suite #115
    Omaha, Nebraska 68114  |  402.235.8219

    1600 Genessee, Suite #453
    Kansas City, MO 64102  |  913.210.0748