In recent years, the business world has changed in a big way. From corporations to small businesses, many are looking for more ways to modernize how their teams work and increase their productivity in the office or from home, ensuring a beat never gets missed.

Whether that is moving to a cloud-based server to keep files and assets in one accessible location or creating a workspace that is more open, finding the right tools and practices can be a complete game-changer to your business. 

Tip #1: Collaboration is Key

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the world we live in is more digital than ever, which is why maintaining strong collaboration is essential to the modern workplace. The number of platforms available for teams to communicate with one another digitally creates its own set of problems. 

Thankfully, because we live in a digital age, there are countless solutions for the various teams (marketing, customer service, sales, etc) to connect with one another. For instance, Slack has become a well-known communication tool for businesses big and small to work collaboratively with one another, ensuring that the workplace runs flawlessly. 

Tip #2: Re-Think Performance Reviews

Traditionally, employees would meet with supervisors annually to review their performance within the company and receive a score based upon projects completed, collaboration with colleagues, and their ability to meet deadlines. 

This method of performance review was inefficient and created low morale among employees. Recently, employees are more receptive to consistent feedback from employers or supervisors. This allows them to make changes to their performance in real-time or maintain the work they are already doing. 

As you adjust the way your company addresses performance reviews, consider adapting a weekly or monthly meeting with your employees. 

Tip #3: Adapt for Remote Employees

When it comes to modernizing the workplace, one big industry change is the fact that more companies are looking for outside talent to hire. According to a report done by Intuit, nearly 40 percent of the workforce will work remotely. With more freelance writers, graphic designers, customer service reps, project managers, and other professions becoming available as outside talent, it’s important for companies to find solutions that will create a streamlined workflow for these individuals. 

Here are some resources to consider:

  • Online presentation platforms (PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote)
  • Project management tools (Monday, Asana, Basecamp)
  • Communication resources (Slack, Google Hangouts, Office Teams)
  • Accounting tools (PayPal, Quickbooks, Square)

Even when circumstances beyond control happen, requiring all employees and employers to work remotely, it’s important to have these solutions in place.

Tip#4: Create a Professional Workspace from Home

As an extension to the previous tip, it’s essential to have space that embodies professionalism from home. This is especially true to those who dedicate their profession to a work-from-home environment. 

First, consider the location of where you want to establish your workspace. Have a place that is quiet and has adequate lighting, if possible. Second, ensure that you have a strong Internet connection and devices readily available to work efficiently from home. 

Lastly, when faced with an upcoming video conference using platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet, remember that you’re at work and you are there to embody professionalism. Keep your attire similar to how you would wear it in the office, stage your background to minimize distractions and find a quiet place to conference. 

There’s nothing worse than finding out you were caught walking around in your underwear during a meeting

Tip#5: Find Solutions to Help

The modern workplace wouldn’t be complete without finding solutions to streamline the way your business operates. This means looking for outside companies to help lighten the workload. At Frost Media Group, we want to do just that for you. With professional zoom video conferencing services, graphic design, project management, and copywriting services, we can help with a thing or two. Let’s get started today by calling our Kansas City, Kansas office at (913) 210-0748, or our Omaha, Nebraska office at (402) 965-1334.