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Three Characteristics of Amazing Culture Videos

Three Characteristics of Amazing Culture Videos

Company culture videos can serve many different purposes. These videos can be an effective way to recruit new employees, showcase company perks and benefits and give an overall sense of what your company is about. If your company wants to use culture videos to help attract top talent or connect more with clients, here are a few key components of what makes an ordinary video a great one.

Great Culture Videos Tell A Story

No two companies are alike, regardless of how close they are in a market position or their service offerings. That’s why a company’s story is so vital to its identity. Sharing its origin and foundation, its early years in business, as well as how it currently functions, gives the audience a true sense of how that company has evolved throughout its history. Milestones, successes, and challenges are the chapters within the story, illustrating how a company has grown and adapted.

Through watching a video, your viewer has indicated they want to know more about your company. They want to see how your business operates, its principles and how it has evolved. In short, they want to know your story. With this information, your audience begins to form an opinion about your company on whether it’s trustworthy. This trust is a key component in your business, and one that will go a long way in making your company stand out when it’s time to make a purchase or submit an application for possible employment.

It Showcases Its People (And Not Just The CEO)

We’ve all seen the traditional corporate company culture videos with the dim lighting and the generic, neutral-colored wall as a backdrop. They consist mostly of the CEO or president detailing the vision for the future and how every company employee is a part of making that vision a reality. Yet, none of those employees they speak of are ever shown. The viewer might get a few moments of another member of the C-suite or even a senior VP. However, the frontline employees, the ones who may hold the position a possible viewer is applying for are nowhere to be seen in the video. This is an enormous missed opportunity.

Yes, it’s essential to hear where a company is headed in the next five years from the perspective of its leadership. But what strikes a chord with potential employees is hearing someone in their position explain how the company’s flexible work-from-home policy has made their quality of life exponentially better. Or to see someone who works in the middle department express how the company health benefits have been able to get their family the medical care they need.

It Clearly Communicates The Company’s Beliefs

What is it all for? What is the measuring stick to which a company holds itself? A company’s beliefs or values are the foundation on which a company culture is built. These beliefs and values are used to make staffing decisions, identify successes and evaluate areas for improvement. They are the glue that binds together every employee from the president to the intern who just completed orientation. In short, they are at the very core of what makes a company what it is, and are essential to a culture video.

Because of their importance, your company’s beliefs should be a cornerstone in your video. Use them to thread your company’s story and its people together from scene to scene. Or, segment the script to focus on each core belief, and let your employees articulate what specific beliefs mean to them and their job as this authenticity is what creates true culture.  

Hire The Pros

There are numerous creative methods to tell a company’s story and illustrate its core beliefs. Whether it’s through scriptwriting, editing, graphics, or a combination of multiple methods, it takes skill to make the whole video come together seamlessly.

With more than 10 years of experience in video production, our team at Frost Media Group creates culture videos for companies of all sizes. Our goal is not only to tell your company’s story, but to highlight and focus on the best aspects of it. We invest the time necessary with each client in order to fully understand what makes their company unique, and how to best translate that through the medium of video. The result is a culture video that is truly representative of your company, and a powerful tool for employee recruitment and client relations.

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Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

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Dreamweaver Foundation | Nominate a Dreamer!

Most often we create videos to help our clients gather donations or find donors.

During our project with the Dreamweaver Foundation we did just that and much more.

The Dreamweaver Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling life-long dreams for terminally ill seniors in need.

But having funds is nothing if they do not have dreams to fulfill.

We captured the incredible stories of dreamers who had just experienced their dream and the family members of those who lived their dream before they passed.

Meanwhile we also created a video to help gain awareness for the nominating process.

We sat down with Cheri Mastny the executive director to learn more about the process and why the organization does what they do.

This video was short, under 1:30 and is the perfect way to share the organization’s process on their website, on social and through email.

Sharing the idea of nominating someone for dream is one thing, but being able to show them the smiling faces of those whom have had their dream fulfilled takes it to the next level.

Check out the nominating video below and a FrostByte from Jim, a dreamer.

To see more videos we created head over to their newly redesigned website or click here to nominate a dreamer!

Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

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About Us Video | Millard Public Schools Foundation

About Us Video

Every year, Frost Media Group in Omaha works with numerous nonprofits who are doing fantastic work throughout our community.

about usSo much that they find it hard to explain what it is that they do to those who could potentially help further their cause.

Recently, we worked with Millard Public Schools Foundation to create a video that shared their mission and programming.

Their mission is to further the Millard Public Schools’ mission by guaranteeing sustainable resources and supporting the community we serve.

They do this through their early college program at Millard South high school and supporting technology efforts by providing laptops and iPads in elementary and high schools.

Not to mention programs like Kids Network.

We enjoyed visiting several Millard Schools and the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus. From elementary to college, MPSF is helping prepare youth for a bright future.

Video is a great tool to convey your nonprofit’s message, check out Millard Public Schools Foundation’s video below.


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company. In our content-saturated, short-attention-span world, breaking through and resonating with your audience is not easy.

However, when it comes to telling your story and sharing it with your audience, there is no tool like video. Through video, you can convey a compelling account of who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and why your audience should care. Through video, you can create an emotional connection to your business, brand, or nonprofit. And emotional connections inspire action.

We are Frost Media Group. We are a video production and video marketing company that produces and distributes video that breaks through. Video that resonates. Video with a purpose. Whatever your story, whatever your message, we will find a strategic, creative way to express it to the world.

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About Us Videos | Frost Media Group

Frost Media Group, an Omaha video production company has been creating About Us Videos for years.

Telling your story and making it stand out in a sea of competitors is getting tougher in this digital age. Our main focus is always telling both our nonprofit and corporate client’s stories the way they want it to be told. It’s never about us, it’s always about the client and the message they want to send.

About Us Videos allow you to tell your story, while also showcasing your product and services with real life testimonials from your clients.

About Us Videos are used on your website, played in the lobby of your business, and shown when meeting with new employees or clients. Not to mention, pulling FrostBytes (shorter clips of the larger story) to use across all of your social media platforms to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Not only can you tell about what you do, but SHOW your potential clients how you do it and that is more powerful than any copy in an about us section on a website.

Check out College Possible and Caring for People Services‘ About Us Videos below.





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 Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.