In our content-saturated, short-attention-span world, breaking through and resonating with your audience is not easy. That’s where we come in.

We are Frost Media Group. We are a video production company that produces content that breaks through. With your story and message in mind, we will find the perfect way to express it to the world.


We have assembled an experienced and creative team of passionate people who are experts at what they do.

Frost Media Group Jillian Humphries Video Marketing Ad Viral Video

Jillian Humphries


“They call me Jill of All Trades.”

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About Jillian

After graduating with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications I didn’t expect to be working in video production. My love for writing was at the forefront of my job search and I was not the camera gal most know me to be these days. However, here we are and I’ve been passionate about being behind the camera for over 6 years. My main role now is leading our incredible team at FMG and I hope we can tell your story soon!


Frost Media Group Jillian Humphries Video Marketing Ad Viral Video

Alec Henn


“Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” – Robert Altman

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About Henn

I received my degree in audio & video production in 2018 and have been working with Frost ever since. I love being able to meet and work with amazing people in and around Kansas City, and I’m grateful to be contributing to the positive change our clients make in the community.


Alec Rahe, partner and director of sales and marketing at Frost Media Group

Alec Rahe


“Maximize the 3 Ps. People, Process, and Product.”

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About Alec

I am a sales leader & entrepreneur with a track record of success in B2C sales, B2B sales and business startup. I am highly experienced in team building, brand creation, sales training, digital marketing, customer prospecting, market analysis, and sales organization.

Frost Media Group Owner Joe Frost Video Marketing Ad Viral Video

Joe Frost


“By day, iDea Guy and professional coffee (and tea) drinker; by night, caught watching shows like #thevoice with my wife and 4 children.”

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About Joe

I began pioneering video for new media in 2007, writing the book, New Media Habits, and launching the first company to focus exclusively on new media video production in Omaha, NE. It took me 6 years of trial and error to find the right niche in the sea of social media – strategic video production; then 3 years of tinkering to develop a profitable business model – Frost Media Group. You can contact me @omahajoe on twitter or we can get connected on LinkedIn.


We offer video production and wholesale services in Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri.



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