We were excited to capture Willy Theisen and 6 other Omaha leaders on camera at the ICAN Men’s 7X7X7 event last year. We were so impressed with Willy that we asked him if he needed any help marketing himself as a public speaker. That discussion lead to us producing a One Minute Video for Willy to use to approach potential agents. We’re also producing a longer video made up of highlights from his Verde Martin presentation last month to give more sampling of his work. Together, these two videos will be used to approach target agents directly and posted on his website to promote his speaking career. Good luck Willy!

Case Notes

Objective: Quickly allow someone in the position to book a speaker, or looking to represent one get to know Willy AND inquire to learn more.

Strategy and tactics: Produce a One Minute Video establishing credibility in Willy’s, highlighting his experience and showcasing his character. Utilize existing footage from ICAN event as b-roll to further his credibility as a speaker and storyteller. Leave the viewer knowing Willy, what he stands for, and with an interest to learn more about him.

Key Success Factors: Keep length under 2 minutes for optimal email, social media, and web delivery. Track views.


If you want to contact Willy to speak at your next event you can reach him here: willy@willytheisen.com.


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