On Thanksgiving we launched our Thanks a Latte campaign.

We wanted to find a way to thank the many different people we interact with during a client’s production. So, we reached out to our friend Nancy Williams at No More Empty Cups and asked if she would be willing to participate. She agreed to set up a way for us to redeem Thanks a Latte coupons we give away – knowing it would also be a great way for her to get some new visitors.

ThanksALatte (1).2We then engaged our creative team to design some cool Thanks a Latte coupons.  We wanted to have something we could easily hand out to interviewees when shooting video or to other people we collaborate with on a project. So we decided to print coupons on moo.com MiniCards because they are small and memorable.

We knew we needed a One Minute Video to tie it all together. We chose one of our Branded Interview formats to show off Nancy and One Million Cups and explain our Thanks a Latte coupons to recipients. Watch the video below and send Joe an email for a cup of joe at joseph@frostmediagroup.com:

We plan to add more Thanks a Latte partners in the future, but for now please visit Nancy’s team at No More Empty Cups. It’s a pretty cool place!