Video marketing is important.

Today I received this email from a board member of The Stephen Center.

Thank you!

Joe and Landon,
The videos were a GREAT hit last night! Lots and lots of comments and I am sure it helped our bottom number!
The video really showed what Stephen Center is all about!
Very well done!!
Thank you, Thank you!!!

That single thank you email makes the case for nonprofit video marketing!

Here are a few more details about the The Stephen Center project that tested our team’s promise to always be on time, on budget, and on purpose.
On Time
We had a little less than a month to complete this project. But, that timeframe wasn’t going to stop us from completing 2 videos that were necessary to give the right messages at the event, and for use after the event for ongoing fundraising.

On Budget
In addition to our standard 25% discount for nonprofits, we agreed to extend an additional 10% prepayment discount to keep the project under the stated budget. We also worked with the team to find a volunteer to collaborate with to complete the voice over for the Testimonial Driven Marketing Video.

On Purpose
The purpose of these 2 videos was to enhance the fundraising efforts at the event AND to have multiple videos that could be used for the next several years to share the great work The Stephen Center is doing. This dual purpose is a common approach with many of our video productions, maximizing return on investment.

Enjoy the 2 videos below and learn a little more about The Stephen Center.

The Stephen Center | Testimonial Driven Marketing Video

Meet The Stephen Center Heroes | Fundraising Ask Event Video