Videos are a great option for larger companies who have a lot of moving parts. One of the reasons we, Frost Media Group, an Omaha video production company,  decided to start offering our ‘FrostBytes’ was because we saw companies who wanted to tell their story in small segments and to narrow the focus of who those messages went out to. Of course, we also saw the potential of using the ‘Bytes’ on social media as well. While targeted messages can get lost in a large video that looks at the overall vision of a company, they have the chance to shine in the small clips that we enjoy creating.

RehabVisions, an Omaha-based company that staffs and manages therapy departments for hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, was one of those companies that could benefit from multiple targeted videos. Because there were so many valuable messages they wanted to send about their company and because the audience for those messages was different, we knew that an all-day (Day Pack) shoot where we created some longer videos supplemented by Frost Bytes was the right option.


The first message was centered on the company’s Cariant division, which provides traveling physical therapists to different parts of the country. Cariant is looking for new physical therapists graduating from PT school who might want to join their team, so we made a series of Frost Bytes featuring the upbeat and fun Keith and Bridgett. This married couple joined Cariant out of PT school and will be able to travel together with their new careers.


Being able to hear from actual new employees about their exciting adventure will be a powerful recruiting tool for this division of RehabVisions.

We went in a completely different direction with the video series we did for the company’s RV Net division. This is an online resource for RehabVision employees, but few of them actually use all of its available resources because they don’t know enough about it. With these easy-to-follow how-to videos, employees will be able to learn and then take advantage of this useful resource available at their fingertips.


The RehabVisions project was a classic example of how versatile video can be for a company. Whether you want to show what a great place your business is to work, need to walk viewers through a training or just want to tell your story, please consider video! We love what we do, and would enjoy helping you.


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.