Nonprofit Video Shoot

A Quarter’s Worth of Content

Quality content solutions are important.

Digitally Omnipotent and Network Agnostic Messaging

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6 video blogs – 2 per month
daily social media updates
weekly blog entries
bi-weekly email campaigns
monthly reporting[/box]

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set clear objectives and priorities
define key success factors
produce quality content
complete setup and launch
monitor and report results[/box]





for Nonprofits

Do you have an event coming up?

Are you looking for new volunteers or donors?

Is it time for some advocacy work?

Or do you want to educate for awareness?


for Business

Do you have a tradeshow or sales event soon?

Are you looking for new leads or referrals?

Is it time to niche into a market?

Or do you just need top of mind branding?



A Quarter the Price

of Other Things You May Already Do



Choose your Budget:
$1,950 per month, annual contract, 30 day no hassle cancellation policy

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Consider your Alternatives:
$1,676 prints 2000 color brochures
$3,824 mails 5000 postcards twice
$9,315 buys a month of billboards


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