Body image distortion, eating disorders and general anxiety and depression issues continue to be a problem in our culture.

Mostly striking girls or young adult women, these debilitating problems are not only incredibly difficult to overcome, but they can also be tough for outsiders to understand. When someone is experiencing these issues, it can be a game-changer if they are able to find a mentor who can help them get on a better, healthier path.

Lauren Sieckmann is one of those mentors. A college volleyball players with a scholarship to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lauren is one of the last people you might think would develop self-esteem or eating issues. However, the combination of constant pressure as a college athlete paired with the stress that came from an unhealthy personal relationship resulted in Lauren becoming depressed and developing an eating disorder that threatened her health.


After finding her own way to recovery, Lauren wants to tell her story to others and give them a healthier way to look at fitness and nutrition. Her online nutrition and exercise program carries the tagline of ‘Healthy Body/Happy Mind’, and that’s just what Lauren delivers. We were brought on board to create videos to introduce Lauren’s program through a welcome video as well as to create a nutrition video and over 120 short exercise videos that will be available to clients on her website.


While filming these videos both in and outdoors in a number of venues including gyms, parks and on tracks. We enjoyed seeing Lauren and her trainers in action, and seeing what a great role model Lauren will be for anyone who is involved with her program. Girls of any age will be able to look up to Lauren not only because she was a collegiate athlete and is now a fitness model, but also because she has such an infectious spirit and had the strength to share her past with others.


We loved telling Lauren’s story knowing that she will be able to help others live a healthier and happy life and encourage everyone to check out her website If you love the website as much as we do, give Mark at Identity Marketing Group a call, they did the brand, website, and all the marketing for this project. Great work!

* Videos shown in blog post are 2 of 3 videos available via free 7 day trial on Lauren’s website.

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