Hope, caring and assistance are important words for our seniors, regardless of the language they speak. The Intercultural Senior Center is a gathering place for seniors of any heritage, culture or background and tends to cater to south Omaha residents as well as refugees who have come from countries experiencing strife or extreme poverty. Frost Media Group was tasked with creating a video campaign that captured the core of their mission.


The Center knew that Omaha Gives! day could be a turning point for them as they work to raise money and gain awareness for their organization. For this reason, they brought Frost Media in to film a video campaign of Frost Bytes (short one minute or less) to show potential donors the unique services they provide to our city’s aging population.


This was one of the first times that our team had the opportunity to work with translators as our subject from Nepal was still learning how to speak English. We loved hearing his story, both in his own language and in the few sentences of English that he was clearly proud to speak. We were touched by his story, especially because none of us had really considered how difficult it would be to come to this country as a senior citizen and not have a family or support circle to help take care of you.

Not only does ISC offer a supportive group of volunteers and staff to visit with and answer questions for the seniors who come to the Center, but they also offer a number of classes on everything from English as a Second Language to healthy eating. They also offer health screenings and transportation, which is vitally important for senior refugees who may be in poor health due to years of poverty and little or no access to healthcare.

The biggest takeaway for our team, though, was the feeling of family that permeated the center. We saw seniors of every background mingling, learning new skills and deepening relationships with those around them, something they not have had the opportunity to do without the help of the Intercultural Senior Center.

We hope that our videos helped in giving this very deserving non-profit the exposure they needed on Omaha Gives! day. We look forward to seeing how they progress and become an even stronger support system for the seniors who need them.


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