There is nothing more energizing and empowering than a dynamic speaker with engaging content. Well, there IS something more energizing and empowering than a dynamic speaker: a whole group of dynamic speakers!

The TEDx phenomenon has shown us that our communities and culture are hungry to learn from people who have in-depth experience and knowledge and are talented at presenting that knowledge to the rest of the world in bite-sized chunks. Yes, our culture today suffers from a short attention span, so the key to keeping them motivated is to offer up information they can quickly relate to and digest–and then send them on their way.

The organizers behind Ignite Omaha have taken this knowledge and used it to create exciting content that feature speakers given 5 minutes and 20 slides to present their unique information. What’s even better than that? The speakers are all local, so if you attend one of these events, you’ll probably get to hear from someone you know.

Organizer Jason Lauritsen addresses the crowd and thanks the event's sponsors before kicking off the Ignite speeches.

Organizer Jason Lauritsen addresses the crowd and thanks the event’s sponsors before kicking off the Ignite Speakers.

We had the pleasure of filming the most recent Ignite Omaha event which kicked off the HR Reinvention seminar in May. We were able to film eight dynamic speakers that all brought new ideas and powerful content to the table–or, in this case, the stage. We heard engaging and thought-provoking speeches on everything from being inclusive to situation awareness, all related in some way to the topic of the day: HR.

Lindsay Rai Reasner, the executive director of the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha, is a great example of someone you may not expect to be such an amazing speaker on a unique topic. But that’s the beauty of these types of events: you just never know.


Promoting an event that features speakers can be a tricky endeavor. You may not know who your key speakers will be, or you may not be able to obtain footage of their past speeches. That’s why promotion of the previous year’s events can be the right move. By showing what was offered at the last event and by capturing the audience’s reaction to it, you’re sending the message: “Look what you missed out on! Make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.”

Bringing in a video crew to a seminar like HR Reinvention is also helpful because they can film other portions of the day’s events. While we were on location, we filmed the entire 90 minute workshop given by trainer and coach Sally Elatta. Portions of this can be used on social media or the entire workshop could be used in a distance-learning or online workshop situation.

There’s just nothing like an amazing speaker, and the only way to truly capture their energy is on video. We thoroughly enjoyed learning from the speakers that were included in this Ignite event and we cannot wait to be a part of the next one!


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