Video Shoot On Location

Each of the last few years, Frost Media Group has had the honor and privilege to produce and edit a video of the Nonprofit Association of the Midland’s (NAM) Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands.

This year we’re doing something different, crowd editing – engaging NAM members on social media to assist in the editing of the video. It ties in well with the message one of the summit’s keynote speakers Grace-Anne Alfiero talked about – the importance of digital storytelling.

We hope that getting members involved in this process will encourage them to explore their own stories and find new ways to connect to the people they serve using video.


Starting this week, we’re releasing one raw, or unedited interview every day on the Nonprofit Association’s Facebook page, and we’ll take suggestions about what should be in the final video. We interviewed 14 people at the summit, so we’ll spend three weeks getting input. We’ll put the highlights into a first draft, and ask for more help cutting it down to a couple minutes. We know people have short attention spans (you lose half your video viewers after 1 minute online), so we only have room for the best statements.


When we get a final rough draft, we’ll release that to members too with a few options for music. Once that’s reviewed, commented on and the music decided, we’ll get more input on titles and graphics, before we get to our final product. Of course there is a lot that goes on in editing that we won’t be able to capture this way, but we will try our best.

We hope this new crowd editing approach gets NAM members excited, engaged and producing more of their own videos.

And, we should also mention that by design this is a great source of social media content for NAM over the next several weeks.

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