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Receiving the news that your baby has Down Syndrome is something that most of us cannot imagine. For those parents who do receive this potentially devastating news, it can seem like all of their hopes and dreams have suddenly been taken away. That’s where the Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands comes in. A non-profit organization that acts as a support group, educational tool and resource for families affected by Down Syndrome, DSA is the lifeline that these families desperately need. Filming DSA’s videos was a heartwarming and emotional experience for our staff at Frost Media Group, an Omaha video production company.

Being a part of the many get-togethers and educational events they host as well as getting to know the families on an individual basis made us feel like a part of the large and extremely supportive DSA family. Hearing the stories of how these families were first affected by the news and then how DSA helped them to navigate their new futures was truly inspirational.




We also had the opportunity to interview DSA’s Executive Director Anne Mancini, a very educated and caring woman who enjoys helping these families find a new home within the larger DSA group and providing opportunities for them to learn from and bond with others going through many of the same challenges.

We were able to tell the DSA story through video on two levels. The first was their welcome video, which was aimed at new parents who have received the news that their baby has Down Syndrome. It serves not only as an educational video to show what they can offer this family, but also as a comforting video to help them see they are not alone.


The second video is targeted to potential donors or supporters and tells more about what DSA offers their families and why their supporters are so crucial to helping the organization achieve its mission. Anne Mancini talks more about their different programs and yearly fund raiser (the Buddy Walk) and how to get involved. Frost Media Group also involved some of the parents in this video so that potential supporters could see the faces and hear the voices of those they would be directly impacting.


Most people can only imagine what it’s like to find out their unborn or newborn child will be affected by Down Syndrome. The people we got to meet and interact with during our filming are not only dealing with this, but they are thriving thanks in part to the help of organizations such as the DSA. It was an honor to help the Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands tell their story and we hope the videos will continue to help families in their time of need.


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