We all know that not graduating from high school has an enormous impact on a person’s future success and happiness. Unfortunately, many young adults are facing what seem like overwhelming circumstances that are preventing them from completing their degrees and embarking on a fulfilling future. That’s where The D2 Center comes in.

The mission of the D2 Center is to connect out-of-school and disengaged youth ages 15-21 and help put them on an educational pathway to the future. With mentors, support staff and other resources, The D2 enter provides young individuals the tools they need to earn a high school diploma and prepare for post-secondary opportunities and a fulfilling career.

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Like all non-profits, The D2 Center relies heavily on financial supporters to ensure their program is able to thrive and help those students in need. They knew that Omaha Gives! was an excellent opportunity to remind past donors of their involvement and engage and educate possible new donors. As with many non-profits, hearing from the individuals who are directly influenced by the organization was the best way for us to tell the Center’s story through media.

We filmed six Frost Bytes for The D2 Center, each included interviews with students, staff or insight about the programs they offer. Though the students had different stories of why they were struggling to obtain their degree, they each had a similar experience of support, kindness and motivation that came from partnering with the D2 Center.


Many of us cannot imagine what it would be like to be faced with the numerous obstacles that these students experienced. That is why it was so powerful to film their stories and hear that they were able to turn their lives around by being involved with The D2 Center.


We hope the stories of Lucia and Dominique were able to convince new donors that Omaha Gives! was a perfect opportunity to support The Center and hopefully become even more involved after the day of giving. We truly enjoyed getting to know the students and the staff of D2 Center, and look forward to seeing what they achieve in the future!


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