Most of us were lucky enough to grow up with supportive families, friends and communities. With their help, we learned how to deal with life’s adversities, developed coping tools to use throughout our lives and had a strong support system to both celebrate with and receive help from. This is the ideal childhood situation, but as we all know, not every child is lucky enough to be born in this environment.


Brandon, Westside Club Member.

Without a stable home environment, many children find themselves adrift before or after school. They often become withdrawn and sad, or they find themselves involved with a crowd that influences them in a negative way. It’s widely known that intervening and providing alternatives for these kids is one of the best way to keep them on the right path, but sometimes that is easier said than done.

That’s where the Boys and Girls Club of Omaha  comes in. By providing a place where kids can go to be with their peers, learn new skills, have fun and be part of a supportive environment, the Boys and Girls Club is changing lives.

We had the opportunity to interview three participants in the Club, all three of whom were Youth of the Year award recipients. Though their backgrounds and stories are all very different from each other, the common denominator is that all three of them would be experiencing very different realities right now if it weren’t for the Club giving them a ‘second home’.

There is no way that we, or anyone else, could tell Giselle, Brandon or Bailey’s story any better than they could. We knew that to really touch the hearts of potential supporters of the Club, the kids had to explain what it has meant to them in their own words. Filming these three extraordinary young people had a big impact on our staff. Not only had Giselle, Brandon and Bailey survived their circumstances, but they’d overcome them to grow into amazing young adults with bright futures ahead of them.

The Boys and Girls Club wanted an impactful brand video to show at their annual fundraising event, On the Road to Motown. This amazing gala had over 500 guests in attendance and raised $685,000. Even the kids were able to get involved by performing to Motown classics for the guests and serving up a delicious soul food dinner. The perfect kickoff to the festivities was this video as everyone had top of mind awareness that, though they were there to have a great time, they were also there for a reason.

We always enjoy helping worthy organizations tell their stories to potential supporters. We know that running a non-profit like Boys and Girls Club is not easy, nor is it inexpensive. To be able to perform their vital role in the community, they need to have effective fund-raising strategies. When video makes an impact and helps them reach their goals, we know that we have done our jobs. Thank you, Boys and Girls Club of Omaha, for allowing us to briefly be a part of your wonderful organization!


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