Use channels to your advantage

As with every campaign keeping your audience top of mind is key when choosing where to publish your content. Since audiences often overlap across channels, you’ll likely use a combination of several – or a multichannel approach. This is where you can begin to think strategically about the content and channels you have, and how you can use them in a way that gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

While some campaigns use a blend of traditional and digital media in efforts to increase reach, it may be worth considering utilizing solely digital channels to stream your message far and wide. Using social media channels, for example, allows you to reach more people than traditional forms of media. Just one piece of content can get a lot of mileage, potentially reaching hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. Achieving that kind of reach using traditional distribution channels requires creating a lot more content, and a much bigger budget.

Minimal input, maximum output

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of content needed for successful campaign. But if you think about your content as flexible, reusable assets, you can cut down on your content production time significantly while reaching more people.

To achieve this, try using what we call a minimal input, maximum output approach. It’s a simple one: focus on a few solid pieces and use them in different ways across multiple channels to ensure your content gets the most mileage. This eliminates the need to create new content for every type of channel, and for every type of audience.

For example, you can post a video on YouTube and be done with it, or you can find ways to get it in front of more people. In addition to YouTube, try posting video clips and stills on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In your campaign emails, drop in a video clip or a couple of still images. Post sound bytes alongside copy and images on your website to tell a bigger story. That’s six different channels with only one piece of content. All of this allows your message to be in a thousand different places at once, increasing your reach exponentially.

It also helps to keep in mind the shelf life of your content assets, and think beyond just this year’s campaign. For instance, this year’s recap or thank you video to donors can easily become next year’s awareness piece. You can also reuse the content in the form of archives on your website to show potential donors and supporters.

That’s it! You’re ready to go forth and market your campaign. But before you do, chat with our team at Frost Media Group about creating professionally shot and edited videos. Even one video can produce enough content to promote your campaign to multiple audiences on several channels.