For small business owners, it’s tempting to divide marketing projects amongst multiple agencies. After all, why not have a specialist for each objective in your marketing strategy? In theory, this approach would ensure that you have the right agencies to do exactly what they do best – whether it’s copywriting, digital campaigns or video.

But the reality is often much different.

With the help of technology, your audience no longer experiences your marketing channel efforts in silos. The buyer’s journey has become non-linear, with very few, if any, hard stops between stages. Often the challenge small business owners face isn’t the lack of expertise in each marketing discipline, but in providing a consistent, seamless experience for customers regardless of how they enter and move within the funnel.

The Need for Consistency

With that comes the need for a seamless experience and consistent messaging. Too often, the more agencies involved, or “cooks in the kitchen,” the increased likelihood for a company’s voice and message to be tweaked. This can lead to straying too far from the original messaging, which can become confusing, fragmented and inconsistent for the audience. Since consistency is essential for gaining an audience’s trust, too much inconsistency in messaging can have the opposite effect, leaving your company at a severe disadvantage.

There’s also the challenge of creative consistency when working with more than one agency. We’ve seen this time and again while working on video. A brand video, for example, can have a multitude of agency players included in the process – from the ideation phase through post-production editing. It’s essential that every member of the team is in sync through the duration of the project to ensure the nuances of the creative vision are left intact. Too often that enormous responsibility falls solely on the creative brief.

A Customizable Solution

Frost Media Group mitigates these modern challenges by providing a holistic approach to delivering marketing and advertising content. Our Monthly Video Plus program, or MVP, ensures you have custom-tailored content for your business each month from a single source. No risk of fragmentation, no threat of inconsistency.

Here’s how it works: each MVP package consists of a combination of video, creative content and advertising specific to your business goals. For video, you can choose from brand stories, training videos, event recaps and more. The length and production details of your video are dependent on which package you choose and can be completely tailored to your business needs.

Additionally, you’ll receive creative credits for use on different types of marketing each month. Need more website content one month? Let us help. Want to try additional digital advertising for the next few months? We’ve got you covered. This flexibility allows you to stay at the wheel of your strategy while we ensure your message and marketing efforts are as strong as they are seamless.

And just like that, you can focus less on managing a group of vendors and go back to doing what you do best – running your small business.