If your business is like many, you’ve likely explored social media for awareness, to reach more potential clients, or to stay relevant amongst competitors. But to truly get the most out of your social media efforts, consistently posting quality, engaging content is key. Here’s why posting consistently on social media platforms is critical, and how video can provide you with the right content to make every post count.

Why consistency is so important

If there’s one main reason to strive for consistency in your social media strategy, it’s to establish credibility with your audience. Posting a solid case study or market trends once in a while isn’t enough. Your account must regularly churn out excellent content that your users find valuable. The more consistently you post great content, the more your audience engages with your posts. The higher the audience engagement, the more likely social media algorithms will prioritize your posts for your audience. 

Video: high-engaging content true to your brand

Posting regularly is a great start but what you post is just as important. Unfortunately, creating fresh, quality content on a consistent basis can take a lot of preparation on your end. That’s why having a video plan focusing on the many different areas of your business can help with keeping content fresh, while ensuring a consistent message. 

There’s no argument that posting videos on social media channels get results. On average, social media posts with videos get about 48% more views. Here are some video types that can provide enough high-converting content for frequent and consistent posting:

Video case study

A video case study exploring a common client issue showcases what your company does best while offering your audience potential solutions for an issue they are experiencing. 

Recruitment video

Not only can a recruitment video help your company reach top talent on social channels such as LinkedIn, but it allows potential clients to get a glimpse into your company culture and the quality of employees your company hires. 

Brand video

If there’s one type of video that communicates your company’s values, mission, vision and what sets it apart from the competition – it’s a brand video. These videos are goldmines for finding 2-3 minute snippets to highlight why your company is exceptional. 

Campaign videos

Special events, such as anniversaries or fundraisers, often call for video. Most importantly, these videos showcase important aspects of your company, such as its history, growth or involvement within the community. These provide wonderful snippets to publish to your social media channels. 

Take social posts to the next level with high-quality graphics and professional copy

Now that you have some substantial video content to share with your audience, consider maximizing your results by adding high-quality graphics and professional copy to your posts. 

Scheduling social media posts in advance is a huge time saver, but unfortunately, it prevents your videos from automatically playing in users’ feeds. Since uploading videos one-by-one isn’t ideal, consider alternative ways to stop users from scrolling past. Incorporating high-quality graphics is a great method to capture attention, while encouraging clicks. Professionally-designed graphics can also make calls-to-action stand out by boldly incorporating them into the image, increasing the likelihood your audience will convert. 

While visual aspects of your social posts are essential for capturing initial attention, the surrounding copy is critical for getting your audience to take the next step. Professional copywriters are skilled at determining what tone and voice to use in order to connect with your target audience and motivate them to act, all while staying on message. This not only requires a mastery of persuasive language, but a nuanced understanding of your audiences’ wants and needs. 

Used together, video, copy and high-quality graphics can do wonders for increasing audience engagement on social media. The key is finding a trusted partner who can plan, create and execute all three in a way that seamlessly tells your story. The experts at Frost Media Group can map out a strategy that gets results. Contact us today to see how we can help.