When you run a nonprofit, you know the importance of fundraising and donations. They’re paramount to your organization’s success, allowing it to continue all the great work it does. But fundraising isn’t always a cake walk. In fact, if you’re like most nonprofits, reaching your audience and persuading them to support your nonprofit’s mission is often an ongoing challenge.

Whether within a campaign or as the centerpiece of a digital strategy, a targeted video can help you reach your fundraising goals. By cutting through the noise and helping to form a connection with your audience, using video for fundraising is proven to increase donations while expanding an organizations market reach.

The Human Connection

After years of working with nonprofits, we’re repeatedly reminded that one of the best ways to compel donors is to form an emotional connection. No other medium, aside from in-person interaction, can make the emotional bond with an audience as effectively as video.

Let’s back up and explore the difference between a marketing video and fundraising video. A marketing video, like all types of marketing collateral, is aimed at persuading its target viewer to take an action that leads them further on the buyer’s journey. That action typically centers around learning more about the business’ products and services. The content of the video must be compelling enough to pique the viewer’s interest enough to keep that business top of mind while the viewer is in the decision-making stage.

A fundraising video, however, needs to resonate much differently with the viewer, human to human, on an emotional level. The video must be more than the nonprofit’s cause, goal or mission, but should also show the entire audience why they should care. Not just care a little – but become emotionally invested in the mission. Emotional investment gives the reason necessary to potential donors to become donors and support organizations financially.

Building Trust and Empathy

With a video, the audience can see and hear directly from the people whom work day to day in the organization. Video has the power to give the audience direct contact with the people who are investing their life’s cause towards a passion. Beyond that, they can see and hear the stories of those impacted by the mission. There is nothing more powerful then showing these unique and special moments specific to the cause. Video is the only way to do this.

Frost Media Group Promise

We want to help you take your fundraising strategies to the next level. Our extensive knowledge of video production coupled with our 10 years of experience working with nonprofits gives us the biggest advantage that you won’t find with another video production or marketing company. Let us help tell your story in a way that truly makes an impact and inspires potential donors to act.

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