Contract Copywriter

Description: The Contract Copywriter is responsible for primarily working on projects that are delegated by our Creative Services Manager. They are responsible for taking direction from the CSM (Creative Services Manager) & the client. In regards to project direction, there is some freedom in writing styles, but will it should translate what the client expects into a final product.

Essential Job Duties:

  1. Collaborate with CSM & client
  2. Delivering on time and within budget guidelines provided per project
  3. Attends kick-off call that includes a Creative Brief on the project

Job Expectations:

  • Strong copywriting ability
  • Experience in Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • May include copywriting for the following: Blogs, web copy, social copy, case studies, emails, etc.
  • Speed and quality are essential
  • Adhere and represent our core values in everything you do: Authentic, Fun, Strategic, Impactful, Surprise & Delight, Communication
  • Design & edit according to Frost Media and client guidelines


Proficiency in writing for multiple medium on a freelance basis.

Interested in this position? Send your resume and portfolio to Frost Media Group.

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