Live Action Video

Half-Day Package
Entry-Level Video Package
$2,450 total

  • Pre-production Meeting
  • Half Day of Shooting
  • 1 Location
  • 1–2 Interviews
  • Post-production Editing & Revisions
  • 1 One Minute Video
  • FrostBytes (see below)

Two-Day Package
Most Comprehensive Video Package
$6,950 total

  • Think Tank Creative Session
  • Pre-production Meeting
  • 2 Full Days of Shooting
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple People
  • Post-production Editing & Revisions
  • Ideal for 3–5 min. Documentary-style Video, Nonprofit Ask Video or Multiple Shorter Videos
  • FrostBytes (see below)

Video Rockstar Packages
Annual Program
VIP Discount total

  • Quarterly Think Tank Creative Session and Pre-production Meetings
  • Choose Your Package:
    • 1 Half Day Pack Monthly plus initial Two Day Pack -$2,250/mth
    • 1 Day Pack Quarterly – $3,450/qtr
    • 1 Two Day Pack Quarterly – $6,250/qtr
  • Custom Video Deliverables per Think Tank
  • 10% off any Additional Frost Media Group Services
  • FrostBytes (see below)

All Live Action Video Packages Include FrostBytes

As a part of all video packages, we seek opportunity to pull small sound bytes from the footage and offer bonus 30–50 second clips — perfect to use in social media, websites, campaigns and teasers. Nonprofits receive 20% off any package.

What’s Next? Let us help you develop a video distribution plan.