Video Distribution Packages

Half-Day Package
Entry-Level Video Package
$1,950 total

  • pre-production
  • half day of shooting
  • 1 location
  • 1–2 people
  • post-production editing & revisions
  • 1 One Minute Video
  • FrostBytes (see below)

Two-Day Package
Most Comprehensive Video Package
$5,950 total

  • think tank creative session
  • pre-production meeting
  • 2 full days of shooting
  • multiple locations
  • multiple people
  • post-production editing & revisions
  • ideal for 3–5 min. documentary-style video, non-profit Ask Video or multiple shorter videos
  • FrostBytes (see below)

Video Rockstar Package
Annual Program
$14,220 total

  • strategy in pre-production
  • script outline
  • half day of shooting
  • 1–2 locations?
  • 2–4 people?
  • post-production editing & revisions
  • 2 One Minute Videos or
    1 longer video (2–3 mins.)
  • FrostBytes (see below)

All Traditional Video Packages Include Frost Bytes

As a part of all video packages, we seek opportunity to pull small sound bytes from the footage and offer bonus 30–50 second clips — perfect to use in social media, websites, campaigns and teasers.

What’s Next? Let us help you develop a video distribution plan.

Video production is exciting, but before we set up the lights and get you ready for your close-up, we’re going to sit down with you, ask a lot of questions, and do a lot of listening.

Do you want to inform? Sell? Instruct? Raise money? Show appreciation? With video, the possibilities are truly endless. What’s most important is that your video is written and produced to achieve your goals. That it serves a purpose. So that’s where we start. We will then set a strategy to create a video that tells your story, resonates with your audience, and helps you reach your goals.

Our strategy expertise doesn’t stop there. Our digital engagement strategists can help you deploy your video once complete. We will customize a video marketing plan that takes into consideration your audience and their online habits, as well as your timeline and marketing budget.