Driver’s education is a right of passage for many 16 -year-olds.

For some the classes may seem outdated. Not at Cornhusker Driving School.

Over the last few months, Frost Media Group teamed up with CDS to create engaging and instructional videos to use inside the classroom.

The goal of the school is to ensure that, “Students will learn to drive with proactive driving skills that help them recognize problems in the driving scene and make decisions regarding the practices of other drivers. This education will enable them with the skills necessary to function safely in a complex driving environment.” (Cornhusker Driving School)

The owner Pat Venditte wanted his students to experience real life scenarios before they got behind the wheel. With the hopes of an aerial view in mind, we knew using a drone would be the best way to capture Pat’s vision.

The team spent time working out logistics, permits and after several test runs we went out and shot 10 scenarios with Anna Venditte, one of the instructors.

Unlike most shoots we had to factor in multiple vehicles and the amount of traffic that we required for each shot. We had Anna in the CDS vehicle and Aaron following behind in a separate car while Landon and Matt shot the scene.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team and the resulting videos. Check a few of them below and look for them in your son or daughter’s next training at Cornhusker Driving School.



Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.