Soak Up The Sun and See Results All Year

Shoot bright and sunny B-roll for your next event or campaign video today with our special “Vitamin B-roll” packages.

Book your specially priced B-roll package while the sun is shining and the savings are hot!

Capture B-roll now for your organization’s next event video or fundraising campaign today and show your organization in the best light whenever you need it. Invest in high quality footage today and see results all year.

What is B-roll?

B-roll is supplemental footage inserted as a cut away to help tell your story. B-roll includes the shots that are shown to introduce a segment and/or in between interviews. In short, B-roll “shows” while interviews “tell.” B-roll does not include sound so you can insert custom voice-over or music. All of our B-roll is shot in high-definition.

Vitamin B-roll

Our Vitamin B-roll package will give your organization a head start on visually stunning videos that inspire and engage your donors. Enhance your next event or appeal video with B-roll that shows your organization in action. Shoot B-roll now while it’s hot and you’ll have great footage for full videos later!

What You Get


Half Dose of Vitamin B-Roll

Half day of filming, one location


Daily Dose of Vitamin B-Roll

Full day of filming, up to three locations


Double Dose of Vitamin B-Roll

Two days of filming, multiple locations OR one day of filming with bonus drone footage

Why Invest in B-roll?


Good weather means great video and great video equals better storytelling. Increase donations with compelling video for your next campaign or fundraising event!

Frost partners with numerous nonprofits and organizations across the region, producing successful video campaigns that raise awareness, increase donations, and grow events. You will get all of the B-roll you need to see results all year.

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