Vitamin B-roll

Enjoying the weather?

Now it’s time for some Vitamin B-roll.

Shoot bright and sunny B-roll for your next event or campaign video today with our special “Vitamin B-roll” packages.

Book your specially priced B-roll package while the sun is shining and the savings are hot!

What is B-roll?

B-roll is supplemental footage inserted as a cut away to help tell your story. B-roll includes the shots that are shown to introduce a segment and/or in between interviews. In short, B-roll “shows” while interviews “tell.” B-roll does not include sound so you can insert custom voice-over or music. All of our B-roll is shot in high-definition.

Why Invest in B-roll?


Good weather means great video and great video equals better storytelling. Increase donations with compelling video for your next campaign or fundraising event!

Check out our Vitamin B-roll packages now.

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Vitamin B-roll

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