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Q & A Videos | Lighthouse 5

Does your company or nonprofit get frequently asked questions?

Our friends at Lighthouse 5 came to us in need of a Q&A video and today we are sharing it with you.

As we know, video can really make a difference when engaging with your audience and potential clients.

Having someone from your organization front and center explaining not only who you are, but what you do and how you do can make an impact.

We took some key questions that the team at Lighthouse 5 encounter on a regular basis and created a user friendly and engaging video to share their answers.

We created the video by interviewing the president Tom Baker and setting up several opportunities for B roll to compliment each questions topic.

We focused on who Tom is, a key part of their sales process and the Growth Wheel which Lighthouse 5 is one of only 500 in the country that offer the valuable business tool.

Videos like these can be used on Facebook and cut down into individual bytes for social.

Check out the Q & A below and head over their website to learn more!

Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

midlands mentoring partnership

Midlands Mentoring Partnership | Vitamin B roll

Have you checked out our Vitamin B-roll packages yet?

Midland Mentoring Partnership has and we visited with mentors and mentees last month at Funplex to capture a fun filled day.

From mini golf and rides to water slides and the wave pool, we got it all!

Now MMP has footage they can use all year to showcase mentoring happening in the community and in future videos for fundraising or general awareness purposes.

Don’t be caught out in the cold when you realize you need B-roll after the summer is over!

Capture B-roll now for your organization’s next event video or fundraising campaign today and show your organization in the best light whenever you need it.

Check out our Vitamin B roll packages here.



Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

driving school

Cornhusker Driving School | Drone

Driver’s education is a right of passage for many 16 -year-olds.

For some the classes may seem outdated. Not at Cornhusker Driving School.

Over the last few months, Frost Media Group teamed up with CDS to create engaging and instructional videos to use inside the classroom.

The goal of the school is to ensure that, “Students will learn to drive with proactive driving skills that help them recognize problems in the driving scene and make decisions regarding the practices of other drivers. This education will enable them with the skills necessary to function safely in a complex driving environment.” (Cornhusker Driving School)

The owner Pat Venditte wanted his students to experience real life scenarios before they got behind the wheel. With the hopes of an aerial view in mind, we knew using a drone would be the best way to capture Pat’s vision.

The team spent time working out logistics, permits and after several test runs we went out and shot 10 scenarios with Anna Venditte, one of the instructors.

Unlike most shoots we had to factor in multiple vehicles and the amount of traffic that we required for each shot. We had Anna in the CDS vehicle and Aaron following behind in a separate car while Landon and Matt shot the scene.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team and the resulting videos. Check a few of them below and look for them in your son or daughter’s next training at Cornhusker Driving School.



Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

2016 Omaha Gives! | D2 Center

D2 Center’s 2016 Omaha Gives! Campaign was a perfect score!

D2 Center’s  campaign was one of several put on last year  with the help of our friend AdvoKatie.

Like D2 Center’s, each nonprofit’s campaign consisted of videos, landing pages, email blasts and social posts to create awareness throughout Omaha Gives! Day. The videos are now being used throughout the year to show potential donors what their dollars can do for their programming.

Donors were encouraged to not only make a donation themselves, but to share the nonprofit’s mission and stories with their friends, families and colleagues, so that they could donate as well. Making the giving that much bigger!


Inside the landing page

D2 Center


Donors could scroll through tabs with videos that touched on the many programs that the D2 Center has in place for hopeful high school seniors. Creating a custom landing page allowed for multiple videos and copy that pushed their mission.

Our videos put viewers face to face with those that they are impacting with their dollars while also giving them a call to action following their give. See the videos here.


D2 Center


Campaigns like these can truly impact a nonprofits donations during Omaha Gives! Day and we want to help!

Frost Media Group has been helping nonprofits reach new audiences and elevate their fundraising efforts since Omaha Gives first launched.

This year we have created a simple, stand-out video and marketing package that will beat last year’s numbers guaranteed!

Check out our Omaha Gives! 2017 Promotion Here.


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.