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Three Fundamentals of Marketing and Flaws in Your Understanding

8K4A5621In my experience working with entrepreneurs, executive directors, and executive teams, “marketing” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

To some, marketing is a term used to describe advertising efforts. To others, marketing is branding assets including logos, business cards, and promotional materials. For many, marketing is associated primarily with sales related activities. Rather than challenge these descriptions of marketing, I want to clarify my description as a professor of marketing.

Marketing is simply a way to connect prospects with products and services. That’s it.

But while we’re at it …

Sales is simply a way to exchange value between a buyer and a seller. And branding is simply establishing perceptions people have of products, services, and other people or organizations. To further clarify and simplify: marketing is connecting, sales is exchanging value, and branding is establishing perceptions.

At this point in the blog you might be thinking that connecting, exchanging value, and establishing perceptions are the three fundamentals of marketing – you would be wrong.

The three fundamentals of marketing are strategy, content, and traffic.

Strategy is your plan to win. Content is your story. Traffic is your audience.

Marketing must be thought of in terms of wins and losses– connections made and connections lost. If you’re like the vast majority of people I work with, this is the first flaw in your understanding of marketing. It’s unbelievable how many people are spending thousands on “marketing” without a strategy and worse without measuring success at all. Unfathomable, unbelievable, but unfortunately true.

[quote]You must have a strategy first and foremost for your marketing efforts to be successful![/quote]

Content is king. Yes, that is true but it’s not marketing unless it’s YOUR content. I am so sick of the aimless, mindless, and pointless content that I see supposed professionals in marketing create for their clients. It’s a waste of time, money, and resources and it’s not marketing. This is the next biggest flaw in your understanding of marketing. Content alone is not marketing and will not connect with your prospects.

[quote]Your story is the only content that will connect prospects to your product or service. [/quote]

If content is king, traffic is your realm of possibilities. In marketing terms, it’s potential prospects (in kingly terms: unworthy peasants). This is the last flaw in your understanding of marketing. Traffic does not equal prospects. No matter how many google leads you buy, SEO positions you own, or likes you have on facebook; it doesn’t matter if the wrong people show up. But, when is the last time you even defined the right people? Who do you want in your realm? What are their demographics, psychographics; wants and needs; and desire to connect with you?

[quote]You must know who your target prospect is before building valuable traffic to connect.[/quote]

I write this blog in hopes your understanding of marketing will be improved and you’ll want to connect with me. If you’re interested in discussing how Frost Media Group can assist you in connecting more with prospects using our video solutions and creative strategies, please contact me at

Now, go find your prospects, share your story, and plan to win!

Revisiting the New Media Habits

2013-05-04 12.43.44A few years ago when I began writing the book, New Media Habits, I wanted to share the fundamentals of social media; fundamentals I had learned while exploring the new media. I wanted to teach people the difference between new media and traditional media, share some of the new media tools I found valuable, and give readers a simple template to build their own strategy for success. In my book, I clearly define what new media success is (GripItROI), and provide a method to achieve it (Mastering the 13 Habits).

Today as I look at the contents of the book, I am more convinced than ever that it is truly a Fundamental Guide to Social Media. The 3 Pillars of new media are still Strategy, Content, and Traffic. The habits contained in each pillar still need mastered in order to achieve success. The 3 orders of ROI are more relevant than ever.

Engagement is still a false indicator of success; it’s the reactions of interest that are the real ROI, and everything else is just hype.

Yet, I feel the need to revisit aspects of the book that need updating (e.g. tools), enhance the discussion surrounding the 13 habits, and dive deeper into the concept of GripItROI with case studies.

Since I wrote my book, I began teaching entrepreneurship and marketing at Midland University for the Hybrid MBA Program. I have also refocused my company Frost Media Group from an “agency alternative” offering just about anyone creative services to a “video marketing agency” focused squarely on video production and creative strategies for nonprofits and SMB entrepreneurs. Thus, my decision to revisit the book is not to market my Social Media or New Media outsourcing services but rather to continue to teach, share, and give my readers and clients simple templates and strategies to truly achieve new media success.

I plan to release a new e-book that will serve as a companion piece to my original book, New Media Habits. The e-book will be interactive, thus allowing for ongoing updates to it from updates to the website. In addition, the website will include a complete digital archive of hundreds of how to action plans for Mastering the 13 New Media Habits. Over the next several weeks I will be releasing portions of the e-book on my Frost Media Group blog. These blogs will focus on marketing fundamentals and their relationship to the 13 New Media Habits.

Stay tuned, there may even be a few One Minute Videos!

Lead Generation | One Minute Videos

We wanted to generate leads from the Buy the Big O Show so we devised a Video Solution and Creative Sprint to do just that.

We filmed a One Minute Video to get our message in front of exhibitors of the show. We got 36% of our audience to view our video and achieved a 176% ROI.

It’s just another example of how simple and effective messages can be delivered to any audience using video and creative sprints.

6 Ways to Use 6 Videos | Video CRM 6-Pack

A lot of questions about our 6 video package center around how would I use 6 videos? Here’s 6 ideas from us based on what our clients are already using their videos for.

Generate Leads for your Small Business

Generate New Interesting in your Nonprofit

Stay Top of Mind to your Target Market

Produce FAQ or Profile Videos for your Website

Produce Testimonial Case Studies that Value your Organization

Create a Conversion Campaign to Drive New Business

Frost Media Group Facilitates Crowd Editing for NAM Summit

Each of the last few years, Frost Media Group has had the honor and privilege to produce a video of the Nonprofit Association of the Midland’s (NAM) Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands.

This year we’re doing something different, crowd editing – engaging NAM members on social media to assist in the editing of the video. It ties in well with the message one of the summit’s keynote speakers Grace-Anne Alfiero talked about – the importance of digital storytelling.

We hope that getting members involved in this process will encourage them to explore their own stories and find new ways to connect to the people they serve using video.


Starting this week, we’re releasing one raw, or unedited interview every day on the Nonprofit Association’s Facebook page, and we’ll take suggestions about what should be in the final video. We interviewed 14 people at the summit, so we’ll spend three weeks getting input. We’ll put the highlights into a first draft, and ask for more help cutting it down to a couple minutes. We know people have short attention spans (you lose half your video viewers after 1 minute online), so we only have room for the best statements.


When we get a final rough draft, we’ll release that to members too with a few options for music. Once that’s reviewed, commented on and the music decided, we’ll get more input on titles and graphics, before we get to our final product. Of course there is a lot that goes on in editing that we won’t be able to capture this way, but we will try our best.

We hope this new crowd editing approach gets NAM members excited, engaged and producing more of their own videos.

And, we should also mention that by design this is a great source of social media content for NAM over the next several weeks.