Edge Body Boot Camp | Day Pack of Videos

Edge Body Boot Camp is not your cookie-cutter gym and we wanted to tell that story in their day pack of videos.  The best way to tell this story, of course, is through their clients.  Frost Media Group, a Omaha video production company,  felt that filming not only owner and head trainer Missy but also three of her success story clients was the best way to show the unique and welcoming atmosphere that is Edge’s hallmark.


By filming three clients with different histories, goals and unique challenges, we were able to show that Missy and the other trainers thrive on modifying and changing up the workouts so they benefit everyone. When we went in to film, you could feel what an encouraging and upbeat atmosphere the boot camp participants experienced. It was also great to see such a diverse group of exercisers.


Missy is a tough yet caring trainer, which comes through in her words as well as her attitude.


Video is by far the best medium for getting across the enthusiasm, energy and atmosphere of Edge Body. They plan to use clips of the video for social media to let potential clients preview their atmosphere and the workouts before they come in to try it for themselves. Using Missy’s personality combined with the success stories of three very different clients was the best way to tell Edge Body’s ‘story’.

Although our team did not actually work out with Missy (maybe next time!), we did have a great time hanging out with the participants and of course Missy.

Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

Gift Card Karma Shoot

saving grace
All of us want to give back to our community and help non-profits who are making our city a better place to live, work and play.  However, many of us just don’t know how to help or never seem to find the time to give back and contribute as we’d like to.  That’s where Gift Card Karma comes in.  A new and easy way to help out small non-profits in our community, Gift Card Karma allows you to donate unused gift cards of any amount.

It’s easy to give with Gift Card Karma, which was one of the goals founder Susan Pederson had when she came up with the idea.  She explains how easy it is to donate in this video:

It was so interesting for our team to talk with Susan as we filmed her videos.  It’s obvious that, through her background in corporate America and her work teaching math at an underserved school, Susan found her calling in helping organizations in need.  It was refreshing to see someone come up with a new and innovative idea that made it easy for individuals to contribute.

Talking with some of the non-profits that have already benefited from the Gift Card Karma program was our favorite part of the shoot.  HETRA, Saving Grace and Bethlehem House are just a few of the local organizations that have been able to further their mission of helping people through the efforts of Susan and her team.

From helping women who are in crisis due to unplanned pregnancies at Bethlehem House, to assisting disabled children through equine therapy at HETRA and rescuing perishable food donations at Saving Grace, Gift Card Karma is helping other agencies do their work by providing much-needed funds.

bethlehem house


The videos we created for Gift Card Karma will help Susan explain her mission to possible partner agencies as well as those who can help the cause by donating their unused gift cards.  The videos will be used on her website and as a supplemental media when Susan speaks.

– Your Omaha Video Production team

Complete Nutrition Body Comp Videos | Feature Videos

Losing weight and getting in shape can be incredibly frustrating.  Whether you are trying to lose body fat, gain muscle or just get into better shape so you can enjoy life, the entire process can be overwhelming.  If you’re trying to go down that path alone, it’s easy to get frustrated by numbers not going down on the scale, feeling hungry and tired all the time and feeling like you are making sacrifices that are resulting in no progress.

Complete Nutrition can help.  Not only do they have coaches that can help provide supplements and suggestions to help you reach your goals, but they now offer the Body Comp technology.  The Body Comp system helps you see your overall body composition, including your percentage of fat and muscle as well as information on your metabolism and other useful information that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Our shoot with Complete Nutrition was incredibly interesting because not only did we film Complete Nutrition trainer Amy as she explained the system, but we also filmed actual customers who had benefited from the system in a variety of ways.



Conner had been overweight for most of her life before she decided it was time to make a change.  See how Complete Nutrition and Body Comp has helped her reach goals.

Nick, who completes in men’s physique competitions, loves the Body Comp system to help him see where he can improve and to track progress.  His main goal is to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, something that is not easily seen on the scale.

Our shoot was interesting and fun because everyone was excited about the system and eager to share how it had worked for them.  It was great to see how people with different goals were all able to benefit individually from the same system and how the Complete Nutrition consultants were able to help them on their journey.

These videos will help to explain the system on Complete Nutrition’s website, on their youtube channel, in their social media and in their stores.  With these powerful testimonials, customers will be able to understand how the Body Comp system can help them start on their own journey to a healthier life.

– Your Omaha Video Production Team


Dollar Promo Club | One Minute Video

The Dollar Promo Club takes a potentially confusing and time-consuming chore–choosing and ordering promotional products for your business–and makes it simple and stress-free.  With over 50 of the best promotional product vendors in the industry, the Dollar Promo Club partners with these vendors and sends your business a sample box of products every quarter.

No cookie-cutter products here!  The Dollar Promo Club makes sure each box is unique to your own brand and, as owner Mark McCormack states in his video, each product has a purpose.  Listen to Mark explain the theory, process and benefits of Dollar Promo Club in our video:

The shoot with Mark was enjoyable and stress-free.  An enthusiastic and well-spoken businessman, Mark was well-versed in what he wanted his potential clients to know about his business.  The core of Dollar Promo Club is to save the business owner time and frustration and provide them with a simple way to get the best products to represent their brand.  Mark has made the process easy and explains it succinctly in this 2-minute video they intend to use on their website and Facebook.

Capturing this innovative concept and helping the company explain it  was a challenge we enjoyed undertaking.  Congratulations, Dollar Promo Club, on identifying a need and providing a much-needed solution!

Your Omaha Video Production Team

Three Fundamentals of Marketing and Flaws in Your Understanding

8K4A5621In my experience working with entrepreneurs, executive directors, and executive teams, “marketing” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

To some, marketing is a term used to describe advertising efforts. To others, marketing is branding assets including logos, business cards, and promotional materials. For many, marketing is associated primarily with sales related activities. Rather than challenge these descriptions of marketing, I want to clarify my description as a professor of marketing.

Marketing is simply a way to connect prospects with products and services. That’s it.

But while we’re at it …

Sales is simply a way to exchange value between a buyer and a seller. And branding is simply establishing perceptions people have of products, services, and other people or organizations. To further clarify and simplify: marketing is connecting, sales is exchanging value, and branding is establishing perceptions.

At this point in the blog you might be thinking that connecting, exchanging value, and establishing perceptions are the three fundamentals of marketing – you would be wrong.

The three fundamentals of marketing are strategy, content, and traffic.

Strategy is your plan to win. Content is your story. Traffic is your audience.

Marketing must be thought of in terms of wins and losses– connections made and connections lost. If you’re like the vast majority of people I work with, this is the first flaw in your understanding of marketing. It’s unbelievable how many people are spending thousands on “marketing” without a strategy and worse without measuring success at all. Unfathomable, unbelievable, but unfortunately true.

[quote]You must have a strategy first and foremost for your marketing efforts to be successful![/quote]

Content is king. Yes, that is true but it’s not marketing unless it’s YOUR content. I am so sick of the aimless, mindless, and pointless content that I see supposed professionals in marketing create for their clients. It’s a waste of time, money, and resources and it’s not marketing. This is the next biggest flaw in your understanding of marketing. Content alone is not marketing and will not connect with your prospects.

[quote]Your story is the only content that will connect prospects to your product or service. [/quote]

If content is king, traffic is your realm of possibilities. In marketing terms, it’s potential prospects (in kingly terms: unworthy peasants). This is the last flaw in your understanding of marketing. Traffic does not equal prospects. No matter how many google leads you buy, SEO positions you own, or likes you have on facebook; it doesn’t matter if the wrong people show up. But, when is the last time you even defined the right people? Who do you want in your realm? What are their demographics, psychographics; wants and needs; and desire to connect with you?

[quote]You must know who your target prospect is before building valuable traffic to connect.[/quote]

I write this blog in hopes your understanding of marketing will be improved and you’ll want to connect with me. If you’re interested in discussing how Frost Media Group can assist you in connecting more with prospects using our video solutions and creative strategies, please contact me at

Now, go find your prospects, share your story, and plan to win!

Lead Generation | One Minute Videos

We wanted to generate leads from the Buy the Big O Show so we devised a Video Solution and Creative Sprint to do just that.

We filmed a One Minute Video to get our message in front of exhibitors of the show. We got 36% of our audience to view our video and achieved a 176% ROI.

It’s just another example of how simple and effective messages can be delivered to any audience using video and creative sprints.

Coaching Video | One Minute Video

We were very honored to be chosen by Kevin Straub to produce his coaching video. We worked with Kevin to establish just the right message to deliver an authentic and sincere presentation to his potential clients. Enjoy the video, and if you’re in the market for coaching, give Kevin a call! Another One Minute Video solution from Frost Media Group.

Halloween Special | Are you scared of video?

Do you need a testimonial video?
How about a simple and effective marketing video?
Or, are you looking for lead generation or conversion videos?

Watch our One Minute Marketing Video below as an example of all three!

Now through Halloween we’re giving away one video with purchase of any One Minute Video package, or you can have the first month of any annual video series for free. These videos are great for engaging your audience with a clear message and call to action!

Let us help you solve problems with video! Simply email me or call at 402-960-4969.

Joseph Frost

Event Marketing | Ask Videos and More

How do I promote, connect, and follow up to make my upcoming event a hit?

At Frost Media Group, we think compelling, engaging video is the answer. There’s nothing like hearing straight from your clients’ mouths just how much of an impact you’ve made on them. We have solutions to keep your attendees connected before, during, and after your event.

Invite Video

Get your future attendees excited about your event with a special message from the organizer. A quick video can build excitement and keep your event top of mind. The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands hosts their annual Nonprofit Summit of the Midlands, and uses a video invite to help get the word out.

Ask Video

Chances are, you’ll be asking for donations at your big event, and you’ve got the perfect audience right in front of you. An ‘Ask’ video can highlight the impact you make in your clients’ lives by letting them tell their stories for you. Nobody can connect with donors and communicate how much you’ve touched their lives like your clients. One World Community Health Centers let clients tell their stories in their own words, before asking for donations at their annual dinner.

Feature Video

You may have an important sponsor to thank, or a topic you’d like to address, and a video can help you with that. Ronald McDonald House of Omaha thanked their two key sponsors with videos highlighting their partnerships.

Event Video

When your event wraps up, it’s great to have an Event video to recap, thank, and follow up with your attendees, and the people who couldn’t make it. It’s a great way to stay top of mind, and anything we shoot can go in next year’s Invite. The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands followed up their annual summit with a recap of the speakers and guests that made the event a success.

We’d love to sit down with you before your upcoming event, and assess your needs and wants. We’ll come up with a plan to help you get the most out of your upcoming event.

Marchi Gras 2014

Frost Media Group was excited to work with a great charity organization. Marchi Gras will celebrate their 6th annual concert to benefit the Sunshine Kids, a local organization that provides group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients.


To help build excitement for this year’s event, we sat down with members of four bands that will be playing. We asked about their connection with cancer, and why they’re excited to volunteer their time for this great charity organization. We also got to interview a parent whose daughter has enjoyed the support of the Sunshine Kids.


Marchi Gras organizers released five videos in the weeks leading up to the event, saving the touching story the happy mother for the end.  They’re on track to raise more money than they did last year, and we’re looking forward to enjoying thee shows.