One Minute Video

Edge Body Boot Camp | Day Pack of Videos

Edge Body Boot Camp is not your cookie-cutter gym and we wanted to tell that story in their day pack of videos.  The best way to tell this story, of course, is through their clients.  Frost Media Group, a Omaha video production company,  felt that filming not only owner and head trainer Missy but also three of her success story clients was the best way to show the unique and welcoming atmosphere that is Edge’s hallmark.


By filming three clients with different histories, goals and unique challenges, we were able to show that Missy and the other trainers thrive on modifying and changing up the workouts so they benefit everyone. When we went in to film, you could feel what an encouraging and upbeat atmosphere the boot camp participants experienced. It was also great to see such a diverse group of exercisers.


Missy is a tough yet caring trainer, which comes through in her words as well as her attitude.


Video is by far the best medium for getting across the enthusiasm, energy and atmosphere of Edge Body. They plan to use clips of the video for social media to let potential clients preview their atmosphere and the workouts before they come in to try it for themselves. Using Missy’s personality combined with the success stories of three very different clients was the best way to tell Edge Body’s ‘story’.

Although our team did not actually work out with Missy (maybe next time!), we did have a great time hanging out with the participants and of course Missy.

Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

Thanks a Latte Campaign | No More Empty Cups

On Thanksgiving we launched our Thanks a Latte campaign.

We wanted to find a way to thank the many different people we interact with during a client’s production. So, we reached out to our friend Nancy Williams at No More Empty Cups and asked if she would be willing to participate. She agreed to set up a way for us to redeem Thanks a Latte coupons we give away – knowing it would also be a great way for her to get some new visitors.

ThanksALatte (1).2We then engaged our creative team to design some cool Thanks a Latte coupons.  We wanted to have something we could easily hand out to interviewees when shooting video or to other people we collaborate with on a project. So we decided to print coupons on MiniCards because they are small and memorable.

We knew we needed a One Minute Video to tie it all together. We chose one of our Branded Interview formats to show off Nancy and One Million Cups and explain our Thanks a Latte coupons to recipients. Watch the video below and send Joe an email for a cup of joe at

We plan to add more Thanks a Latte partners in the future, but for now please visit Nancy’s team at No More Empty Cups. It’s a pretty cool place!

Gift Card Karma Shoot

saving grace
All of us want to give back to our community and help non-profits who are making our city a better place to live, work and play.  However, many of us just don’t know how to help or never seem to find the time to give back and contribute as we’d like to.  That’s where Gift Card Karma comes in.  A new and easy way to help out small non-profits in our community, Gift Card Karma allows you to donate unused gift cards of any amount.

It’s easy to give with Gift Card Karma, which was one of the goals founder Susan Pederson had when she came up with the idea.  She explains how easy it is to donate in this video:

It was so interesting for our team to talk with Susan as we filmed her videos.  It’s obvious that, through her background in corporate America and her work teaching math at an underserved school, Susan found her calling in helping organizations in need.  It was refreshing to see someone come up with a new and innovative idea that made it easy for individuals to contribute.

Talking with some of the non-profits that have already benefited from the Gift Card Karma program was our favorite part of the shoot.  HETRA, Saving Grace and Bethlehem House are just a few of the local organizations that have been able to further their mission of helping people through the efforts of Susan and her team.

From helping women who are in crisis due to unplanned pregnancies at Bethlehem House, to assisting disabled children through equine therapy at HETRA and rescuing perishable food donations at Saving Grace, Gift Card Karma is helping other agencies do their work by providing much-needed funds.

bethlehem house


The videos we created for Gift Card Karma will help Susan explain her mission to possible partner agencies as well as those who can help the cause by donating their unused gift cards.  The videos will be used on her website and as a supplemental media when Susan speaks.

– Your Omaha Video Production team

Dollar Promo Club | One Minute Video

The Dollar Promo Club takes a potentially confusing and time-consuming chore–choosing and ordering promotional products for your business–and makes it simple and stress-free.  With over 50 of the best promotional product vendors in the industry, the Dollar Promo Club partners with these vendors and sends your business a sample box of products every quarter.

No cookie-cutter products here!  The Dollar Promo Club makes sure each box is unique to your own brand and, as owner Mark McCormack states in his video, each product has a purpose.  Listen to Mark explain the theory, process and benefits of Dollar Promo Club in our video:

The shoot with Mark was enjoyable and stress-free.  An enthusiastic and well-spoken businessman, Mark was well-versed in what he wanted his potential clients to know about his business.  The core of Dollar Promo Club is to save the business owner time and frustration and provide them with a simple way to get the best products to represent their brand.  Mark has made the process easy and explains it succinctly in this 2-minute video they intend to use on their website and Facebook.

Capturing this innovative concept and helping the company explain it  was a challenge we enjoyed undertaking.  Congratulations, Dollar Promo Club, on identifying a need and providing a much-needed solution!

Your Omaha Video Production Team

Willy Theisen Marketing Video | One Minute Videos


We were excited to capture Willy Theisen and 6 other Omaha leaders on camera at the ICAN Men’s 7X7X7 event last year. We were so impressed with Willy that we asked him if he needed any help marketing himself as a public speaker. That discussion lead to us producing a One Minute Video for Willy to use to approach potential agents. We’re also producing a longer video made up of highlights from his Verde Martin presentation last month to give more sampling of his work. Together, these two videos will be used to approach target agents directly and posted on his website to promote his speaking career. Good luck Willy!

Case Notes

Objective: Quickly allow someone in the position to book a speaker, or looking to represent one get to know Willy AND inquire to learn more.

Strategy and tactics: Produce a One Minute Video establishing credibility in Willy’s, highlighting his experience and showcasing his character. Utilize existing footage from ICAN event as b-roll to further his credibility as a speaker and storyteller. Leave the viewer knowing Willy, what he stands for, and with an interest to learn more about him.

Key Success Factors: Keep length under 2 minutes for optimal email, social media, and web delivery. Track views.


If you want to contact Willy to speak at your next event you can reach him here:


If you’re interested in a branded interview video like this or any One Minute Video then this is the week for you to act.

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Simply contact us by email if you’re interested and we’ll get your shoot scheduled in February and video(s) completed in March.

Lead Generation | One Minute Videos

We wanted to generate leads from the Buy the Big O Show so we devised a Video Solution and Creative Sprint to do just that.

We filmed a One Minute Video to get our message in front of exhibitors of the show. We got 36% of our audience to view our video and achieved a 176% ROI.

It’s just another example of how simple and effective messages can be delivered to any audience using video and creative sprints.

Video Statistics You Should Know

You are 53 more likely to be on the first page of google.

You lose 1/2 your audience after 1 minute.

But, if someone will stay for more than 2, they’ll stay for 10 minutes.

Email open rates are 200 – 300 percent higher with video.

There is no discernible difference in production quality online.

Trust me, 8 out of 10 statistics are made up, but 100% make a point.


Coaching Video | One Minute Video

We were very honored to be chosen by Kevin Straub to produce his coaching video. We worked with Kevin to establish just the right message to deliver an authentic and sincere presentation to his potential clients. Enjoy the video, and if you’re in the market for coaching, give Kevin a call! Another One Minute Video solution from Frost Media Group.