Nonprofits Save up to $3000 on Ask Videos with Frost Media Group

Ask videos are designed to assist with the fundraising efforts of nonprofits. Normally, these are played at fundraising events and designed to play in smaller setting where fundraising is the focus. We’ve been producing nonprofit Ask Videos for several years. See some of our examples here and one below we made for Ronald McDonald House.

We follow a specific formula for developing ask videos that leads to more giving. Some think it’s an art, but it’s actually scientific!

A combination of cortisol and oxytocin combine when good stories are shared and create empathy for the situation and a desire to help with the solution. When a good story is told, following the appropriate story arc, the result is more giving – add has been proven in experiments conducted by Paul Zak!
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.04.23 PM

As part of our continued commitment to working with nonprofits, we are offering special pricing on Ask Videos until the end of 2015.

If interested, a nonprofit can simply commit to an Ask Video by the end of 2015 for its 2016 fundraiser and save 50% off the total video package up to $3000.

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This offer is limited to 12 nonprofits so inquire now!

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Gift Card Karma Shoot

saving grace
All of us want to give back to our community and help non-profits who are making our city a better place to live, work and play.  However, many of us just don’t know how to help or never seem to find the time to give back and contribute as we’d like to.  That’s where Gift Card Karma comes in.  A new and easy way to help out small non-profits in our community, Gift Card Karma allows you to donate unused gift cards of any amount.

It’s easy to give with Gift Card Karma, which was one of the goals founder Susan Pederson had when she came up with the idea.  She explains how easy it is to donate in this video:

It was so interesting for our team to talk with Susan as we filmed her videos.  It’s obvious that, through her background in corporate America and her work teaching math at an underserved school, Susan found her calling in helping organizations in need.  It was refreshing to see someone come up with a new and innovative idea that made it easy for individuals to contribute.

Talking with some of the non-profits that have already benefited from the Gift Card Karma program was our favorite part of the shoot.  HETRA, Saving Grace and Bethlehem House are just a few of the local organizations that have been able to further their mission of helping people through the efforts of Susan and her team.

From helping women who are in crisis due to unplanned pregnancies at Bethlehem House, to assisting disabled children through equine therapy at HETRA and rescuing perishable food donations at Saving Grace, Gift Card Karma is helping other agencies do their work by providing much-needed funds.

bethlehem house


The videos we created for Gift Card Karma will help Susan explain her mission to possible partner agencies as well as those who can help the cause by donating their unused gift cards.  The videos will be used on her website and as a supplemental media when Susan speaks.

– Your Omaha Video Production team

Complete Nutrition Body Comp Videos | Feature Videos

Losing weight and getting in shape can be incredibly frustrating.  Whether you are trying to lose body fat, gain muscle or just get into better shape so you can enjoy life, the entire process can be overwhelming.  If you’re trying to go down that path alone, it’s easy to get frustrated by numbers not going down on the scale, feeling hungry and tired all the time and feeling like you are making sacrifices that are resulting in no progress.

Complete Nutrition can help.  Not only do they have coaches that can help provide supplements and suggestions to help you reach your goals, but they now offer the Body Comp technology.  The Body Comp system helps you see your overall body composition, including your percentage of fat and muscle as well as information on your metabolism and other useful information that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Our shoot with Complete Nutrition was incredibly interesting because not only did we film Complete Nutrition trainer Amy as she explained the system, but we also filmed actual customers who had benefited from the system in a variety of ways.



Conner had been overweight for most of her life before she decided it was time to make a change.  See how Complete Nutrition and Body Comp has helped her reach goals.

Nick, who completes in men’s physique competitions, loves the Body Comp system to help him see where he can improve and to track progress.  His main goal is to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, something that is not easily seen on the scale.

Our shoot was interesting and fun because everyone was excited about the system and eager to share how it had worked for them.  It was great to see how people with different goals were all able to benefit individually from the same system and how the Complete Nutrition consultants were able to help them on their journey.

These videos will help to explain the system on Complete Nutrition’s website, on their youtube channel, in their social media and in their stores.  With these powerful testimonials, customers will be able to understand how the Body Comp system can help them start on their own journey to a healthier life.

– Your Omaha Video Production Team


Winter is Coming: Surviving the Seasons of Entrepreneurship | Documentary Film

Premieres March 19th, 2015 – the last day of winter.

Presented by The Midland University MBA Program in association with EO Nebraska.

Winter is Coming is premiering March 19th at Aksarben Cinema 5-7 for Midland University and EO Nebraska guests.

It is available for private screenings after that by request.

It is a documentary film about surviving the Seasons of Entrepreneurship. It’s intended to seed the discussion of crises or “winters” in different cycles of business. Four entrepreneurs share their experience surviving four different types of crises. They all share one bond, a thirst for learning.

This is an ideal film for any business, nonprofit, or organization interested in exploring the Seasons of Entrepreneurship further. If you want to schedule a private screening or just learn more about the film please complete the form below.

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The Stephen Center | A Case for Nonprofit Video Marketing | Fundraising Event Ask Videos

Today I received this email from a board member of The Stephen Center.

Thank you!

Joe and Landon,
The videos were a GREAT hit last night! Lots and lots of comments and I am sure it helped our bottom number!
The video really showed what Stephen Center is all about!
Very well done!!
Thank you, Thank you!!!

That single thank you email makes the case for nonprofit video marketing!

Here are a few more details about the The Stephen Center project that tested our team’s promise to always be on time, on budget, and on purpose.
On Time
We had a little less than a month to complete this project. But, that timeframe wasn’t going to stop us from completing 2 videos that were necessary to give the right messages at the event, and for use after the event for ongoing fundraising.

On Budget
In addition to our standard 25% discount for nonprofits, we agreed to extend an additional 10% prepayment discount to keep the project under the stated budget. We also worked with the team to find a volunteer to collaborate with to complete the voice over for the Testimonial Driven Marketing Video.

On Purpose
The purpose of these 2 videos was to enhance the fundraising efforts at the event AND to have multiple videos that could be used for the next several years to share the great work The Stephen Center is doing. This dual purpose is a common approach with many of our video productions, maximizing return on investment.

Enjoy the 2 videos below and learn a little more about The Stephen Center.

The Stephen Center | Testimonial Driven Marketing Video

Meet The Stephen Center Heroes | Fundraising Ask Event Video

Habit #1 Revisited | Subscribe | Lean Media Habits | Lean Startup Omaha

bear images (1)Does a bear sit in the woods?

How would you know if you weren’t there?

How would anyone know if a bear sits or doesn’t sit in the woods without a trip to the woods?

That’s why traffic matters!

Traffic gets you to the tree in the woods where you can hide and watch the bear sit (or not sit).

You can develop a great strategy and killer content, but if people can’t find your website or presence on new media platforms, none of it matters. You must attract an audience by creating traffic. (New Media Habits, p36)

There are 4 habits that make up the Traffic pillar of success in the New Media Habits book. Subscribe is the first of these habits (first of 13 in the entire book) and is appropriately subtitled:

Drink the Kool-Aid!

In chapter 2 of the book I discuss the difference between new media and traditional media. I point out that traditionally we subscribe to newspapers, magazines, and other forms of media to get information delivered to us directly from one source. However, the new media positions each of us as providers of information to our subscribers; and gives all of us many new sources to subscribe.

Understanding this difference and embracing it is the key to mastering this habit, and is a fundamental reason for me revisiting the New Media Habits book. I feel a responsibility to continue to be a provider of information to my subscribers, and to continually seek out new concepts or sources to subscribe. One such flavor of Kool-Aid I have found worth drinking is:

The Lean Startup!

I first read the book, The Lean Startup by Eric Reis, in the fall of 2013. And to be honest, I do not quite buy into its definition of entrepreneurship nor some of its principles like “entrepreneurs are everywhere” and “entrepreneurship is management”.

I believe solopreneurs and wannapreneurs are everywhere, yet very few are actual entrepreneurs (yet); and I don’t think any amount of “management” will make someone entrepreneurial.

However, I still decided to use it alongside another book, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, to compare and contrast core concepts of entrepreneurship in my Introduction to Entrepreneurship course I teach at Midland University. This makes for a very interesting discussion amongst MBA students and guest entrepreneurs that share their experiences in our class.

global_244826512More recently, I have had the pleasure to listen to Shane Reiser and Scott Bishop speak on more specific topics related to The Lean Startup. Shane presented a workshop on Interviews and Experiments and Scott introduced his adaption of Lean Startup methodology: Lean Startup Marketing. Join their their Meetup Group: The Lean Startup Circle – Omaha.

Both were knowledgeable on the concepts, offered a lot of value to the audience, and provided me with some “ahas” I have been thinking a lot about: Defining Customers and their Problems and Testing Tactics in Marketing.

I have now drunk the Lean Startup Kool-Aid; not as path to entrepreneurship, but as a marketing methodology or process for entrepreneurs, executive directors, and their teams to subscribe to so they can drive more traffic to their “bear sitting in the woods”.

Speaking of a bear sitting in the woods, I mentioned in my last blog I plan to release an e-book as a companion piece to The New Media Habits. I plan to title that e-book:

Lean Media Habits. Clever, right? #punintended

In addition to being a clever use of the word “lean” the title should appeal to subscribers of Lean Startup concepts. As such the e-book will incorporate Lean Startup components (e.g. Learn, Build, Measure) and their application to the New Media Habits.

I’m very excited about this new flavor of Kool-Aid and hope you (Lean Startup Omaha fans) are ready to drink it up.

Video Statistics You Should Know

You are 53 more likely to be on the first page of google.

You lose 1/2 your audience after 1 minute.

But, if someone will stay for more than 2, they’ll stay for 10 minutes.

Email open rates are 200 – 300 percent higher with video.

There is no discernible difference in production quality online.

Trust me, 8 out of 10 statistics are made up, but 100% make a point.


Coaching Video | One Minute Video

We were very honored to be chosen by Kevin Straub to produce his coaching video. We worked with Kevin to establish just the right message to deliver an authentic and sincere presentation to his potential clients. Enjoy the video, and if you’re in the market for coaching, give Kevin a call! Another One Minute Video solution from Frost Media Group.

Halloween Special | Are you scared of video?

Do you need a testimonial video?
How about a simple and effective marketing video?
Or, are you looking for lead generation or conversion videos?

Watch our One Minute Marketing Video below as an example of all three!

Now through Halloween we’re giving away one video with purchase of any One Minute Video package, or you can have the first month of any annual video series for free. These videos are great for engaging your audience with a clear message and call to action!

Let us help you solve problems with video! Simply email me or call at 402-960-4969.

Joseph Frost

Nonprofit News | Jill Slupe

Welcome to Nonprofit News, a resource for nonprofit executive directors. Every month, we’ll feature an area professional, and share what they wish every nonprofit leader knew.

This month, it’s Jill Slupe of Verde Martin. Her company provides sales audits, and teaches organizations how to accelerate their sales. Jill points out that everybody sells, whether it’s a product or an idea. Her first tip is to know your competition; look at their approach, and see what is and isn’t working for them. Second, you need to understand why your clients buy; it might make financial sense, or it may appeal to their emotions. When you know what motivates them, you’ll be able to sell yourself and your organization more effectively. Listen to Jill share a story about her work with the Humane Society and how other nonprofits can learn from their experience.

Stay tuned; we’ll have more tips from area professionals every month.