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Dreamweaver Foundation | Nominate a Dreamer!

Most often we create videos to help our clients gather donations or find donors.

During our project with the Dreamweaver Foundation we did just that and much more.

The Dreamweaver Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling life-long dreams for terminally ill seniors in need.

But having funds is nothing if they do not have dreams to fulfill.

We captured the incredible stories of dreamers who had just experienced their dream and the family members of those who lived their dream before they passed.

Meanwhile we also created a video to help gain awareness for the nominating process.

We sat down with Cheri Mastny the executive director to learn more about the process and why the organization does what they do.

This video was short, under 1:30 and is the perfect way to share the organization’s process on their website, on social and through email.

Sharing the idea of nominating someone for dream is one thing, but being able to show them the smiling faces of those whom have had their dream fulfilled takes it to the next level.

Check out the nominating video below and a FrostByte from Jim, a dreamer.

To see more videos we created head over to their newly redesigned website or click here to nominate a dreamer!

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The Countdown to Omaha Gives

We are just days out from Omaha Gives 2017.

The countdown is on! So what better time to share the nonprofits we helped prepare for it.

This year we created a package for our nonprofit clients to help double their donations on Omaha Gives Day.

Being able to share their missions and services that they provide to those in need in our community is so important to us.

From cancer clinical trials to refugee services, human trafficking therapy to equestrian therapeutic riding, and providing programing and jobs to those who are blind and visually impaired, they are changing lives.

You can schedule your gift now to make sure your favorite nonprofit doesn’t miss you the day of.

Don’t have a nonprofit in mind? Check out our clients below or head over to to look through the list.


The Nonprofits

Rejuvenating Women

“Rejuvenating women is a faith-based, non-­profit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with the girls and women who are deeply wounded by being a victim of human trafficking by loving each and every girl right where she is at.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!


Cancer Alliance of Nebraska

“Cancer Alliance of Nebraska (CAN) is a nationally-recognized nonprofit partnership of experienced cancer physicians, hospitals, and clinics who coordinate research and provide breakthrough treatments to cancer patients in the comfort of their own communities.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!


Lutheran Family Services

“Since 1892, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska has served children and families. What began as orphanages in Fremont and Omaha has become a statewide outpouring of God´s love through dozens of programs, hundreds of staff members and thousands of volunteers. As the needs of individuals, families and communities have changed over the years, so have our programs.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!


Outlook Nebraska Inc.

“Established in 2000, Outlook Nebraska, Inc.’s mission is to positively impact everyone who is blind or visually impaired.  This mission stems from our desire to overcome the challenges the blind and visually impaired experience in finding gainful employment.  We achieve this mission through many means, but our primary service is employment, which is provided to the blind and visually impaired in an Omaha-based converting operation that supplies a full line of 100 percent recycled fiber content tissue and towel products to the U.S. Government and other customers.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!



“Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy was started in 1989 by Steve and Janet Henthorn of Omaha, Nebraska.  The program started with one participant, one horse, and three volunteers.  We have grown significantly over the years.  HETRA now has 19 wonderful therapy horses, 21 PATH, Intl. certified instructors, and over 115 participants.  We also offer services in Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, Equine Services for Veterans, and Therapeutic Carriage Driving.  HETRA is a non-profit 501c3 organization and is currently the only PATH Premier Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center in Nebraska!”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!



Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

Our Giving Campaigns | In Numbers

We’ve been hard at work over the last month preparing for upcoming giving days.

So today as our client campaigns kick off we take a look back at the numbers.

1 Frost Media Group Team

3 Cities


6 Clients

6 Creative Briefs

7 Campaigns









7 Landing Pages

21 Email Templates





35 Videos

56 Social Posts

Unlimited revisions at no charge


Telling YOUR story = PRICELESS


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

Power of Ask Videos | Nonprofit

If you work at a nonprofit, you know that everything is built around fundraising.

However, asking for that money can be a sticking point for many nonprofit organizations. How do you attract those who believe in your cause and how do you then turn that into donations?

Enter the Ask Video! Our professional video production team at Frost Media Group has worked with dozens of nonprofits and we’ve realized that telling their story is the most important part of their ‘ask’.

Those who run nonprofits are invariably passionate about their cause. They started their organization because they wanted to help underprivileged children, or rescue homeless animals, or feed the hungry.

When they tell their story, their passion comes through and naturally attracts others who want to help out the cause.

It’s difficult to capture this type of passion in a print campaign or through emails. In person is always the best way for members of the organization to interact with possible donors.

But how many people can they shake hands within a given month?

Capturing them on video allows them to share their stories in their own voices and then put that story in front of thousands of potential donors through social media, their websites, or at events.

Ask videos can be as unique as the organizations they portray. We can include families or individuals who have benefited from the nonprofit’s programs, film at fundraising or event locations, or capture a day in the life of running an organization that relies on the generosity of the community.

If you’re interested in sharing your passion and gaining more support for your organization through an ask video, please let us know. In the meantime, check out the Ask Video we created for Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands.


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.