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lighthouse 5

Q & A Videos | Lighthouse 5

Does your company or nonprofit get frequently asked questions?

Our friends at Lighthouse 5 came to us in need of a Q&A video and today we are sharing it with you.

As we know, video can really make a difference when engaging with your audience and potential clients.

Having someone from your organization front and center explaining not only who you are, but what you do and how you do can make an impact.

We took some key questions that the team at Lighthouse 5 encounter on a regular basis and created a user friendly and engaging video to share their answers.

We created the video by interviewing the president Tom Baker and setting up several opportunities for B roll to compliment each questions topic.

We focused on who Tom is, a key part of their sales process and the Growth Wheel which Lighthouse 5 is one of only 500 in the country that offer the valuable business tool.

Videos like these can be used on Facebook and cut down into individual bytes for social.

Check out the Q & A below and head over their website to learn more!

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dreamweaver foundation

Dreamweaver Foundation | Nominate a Dreamer!

Most often we create videos to help our clients gather donations or find donors.

During our project with the Dreamweaver Foundation we did just that and much more.

The Dreamweaver Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling life-long dreams for terminally ill seniors in need.

But having funds is nothing if they do not have dreams to fulfill.

We captured the incredible stories of dreamers who had just experienced their dream and the family members of those who lived their dream before they passed.

Meanwhile we also created a video to help gain awareness for the nominating process.

We sat down with Cheri Mastny the executive director to learn more about the process and why the organization does what they do.

This video was short, under 1:30 and is the perfect way to share the organization’s process on their website, on social and through email.

Sharing the idea of nominating someone for dream is one thing, but being able to show them the smiling faces of those whom have had their dream fulfilled takes it to the next level.

Check out the nominating video below and a FrostByte from Jim, a dreamer.

To see more videos we created head over to their newly redesigned website or click here to nominate a dreamer!

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midlands mentoring partnership

Midlands Mentoring Partnership | Vitamin B roll

Have you checked out our Vitamin B-roll packages yet?

Midland Mentoring Partnership has and we visited with mentors and mentees last month at Funplex to capture a fun filled day.

From mini golf and rides to water slides and the wave pool, we got it all!

Now MMP has footage they can use all year to showcase mentoring happening in the community and in future videos for fundraising or general awareness purposes.

Don’t be caught out in the cold when you realize you need B-roll after the summer is over!

Capture B-roll now for your organization’s next event video or fundraising campaign today and show your organization in the best light whenever you need it.

Check out our Vitamin B roll packages here.



Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference 2017

Every year ICAN puts on their Women’s Leadership conference!

It’s full of amazing speakers, breakout sessions and opportunities to network with other women.

This year the ICAN‘s event brought together 2,570 attendees from 278 companies and 21 US states.

The eleven speakers included well-known Deborah Roberts. leadership conference

This year’s event was focused around the Work Life Balance that women in the workplace face.

The many speakers shared their thoughts and findings around the topic and attendees shared their experience and some laughs along the way.

We captured the daylong event, weaving through hundreds of tables in the main event space and running in and out of the many breakout sessions that were packed to the brim.

This year’s Leadership Award Recipient went to Tim Burke, the president and CEO of OPPD.

Checkout the event sizzle reel below.


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

driving school

Cornhusker Driving School | Drone

Driver’s education is a right of passage for many 16 -year-olds.

For some the classes may seem outdated. Not at Cornhusker Driving School.

Over the last few months, Frost Media Group teamed up with CDS to create engaging and instructional videos to use inside the classroom.

The goal of the school is to ensure that, “Students will learn to drive with proactive driving skills that help them recognize problems in the driving scene and make decisions regarding the practices of other drivers. This education will enable them with the skills necessary to function safely in a complex driving environment.” (Cornhusker Driving School)

The owner Pat Venditte wanted his students to experience real life scenarios before they got behind the wheel. With the hopes of an aerial view in mind, we knew using a drone would be the best way to capture Pat’s vision.

The team spent time working out logistics, permits and after several test runs we went out and shot 10 scenarios with Anna Venditte, one of the instructors.

Unlike most shoots we had to factor in multiple vehicles and the amount of traffic that we required for each shot. We had Anna in the CDS vehicle and Aaron following behind in a separate car while Landon and Matt shot the scene.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team and the resulting videos. Check a few of them below and look for them in your son or daughter’s next training at Cornhusker Driving School.



Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

Vitamin B-roll

Get your dose of Vitamin B Roll

Enjoying the weather?

Now it’s time for some Vitamin B-roll.

Shoot bright and sunny B-roll for your next event or campaign video today with our special “Vitamin B-roll” packages.

Book your specially priced B-roll package while the sun is shining and the savings are hot!

What is B-roll?

B-roll is supplemental footage inserted as a cut away to help tell your story. B-roll includes the shots that are shown to introduce a segment and/or in between interviews. In short, B-roll “shows” while interviews “tell.” B-roll does not include sound so you can insert custom voice-over or music. All of our B-roll is shot in high-definition.

Why Invest in B-roll?


Good weather means great video and great video equals better storytelling. Increase donations with compelling video for your next campaign or fundraising event!

Check out our Vitamin B-roll packages now.

Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

Vitamin B-roll

video business cards

The New Way to Get Noticed | Video Business Cards

Getting noticed in a sea of competitors can be difficult.

Enter video businesses cards.

An innovative way to get noticed and share your personality on your website, email, and all social platforms.

At Frost, we’ve been perfecting the video business card for years and no matter your profession we can make it work for you.

Through our work on the NAIFA Insights Series we met Jonathan Jacobi from HealthMarkets who has been working in life insurance for over 10 years.

He wanted to utilize his video business card to help introduce himself further in emails.

Another way we have used the video business card format is for AIM Interface School by creating Instructor Introduction Videos.

They are using them to help create excitement around their courses and give insight into how things work and set potential students at ease.

AIM’s use of the VBC showcases how you can use this format to focus on a service or product in addition to introducing you and your business.


See more video business cards here.


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

About Us | Millard Public Schools Foundation

About Us Video

Every year we work with numerous nonprofits who are doing fantastic work throughout our community.

about usSo much that they find it hard to explain what it is that they do to those who could potentially help further their cause.

Recently, we worked with Millard Public Schools Foundation to create a video that shared their mission and programming.

Their mission is to further the Millard Public Schools’ mission by guaranteeing sustainable resources and supporting the community we serve.

They do this through their early college program at Millard South high school and supporting technology efforts by providing laptops and iPads in elementary and high schools.

Not to mention programs like Kids Network.

We enjoyed visiting several Millard Schools and the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus. From elementary to college, MPSF is helping prepare youth for a bright future.

Video is a great tool to convey your nonprofit’s message, check out Millard Public Schools Foundation’s video below.


Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.

The Countdown to Omaha Gives

We are just days out from Omaha Gives 2017.

The countdown is on! So what better time to share the nonprofits we helped prepare for it.

This year we created a package for our nonprofit clients to help double their donations on Omaha Gives Day.

Being able to share their missions and services that they provide to those in need in our community is so important to us.

From cancer clinical trials to refugee services, human trafficking therapy to equestrian therapeutic riding, and providing programing and jobs to those who are blind and visually impaired, they are changing lives.

You can schedule your gift now to make sure your favorite nonprofit doesn’t miss you the day of.

Don’t have a nonprofit in mind? Check out our clients below or head over to to look through the list.


The Nonprofits

Rejuvenating Women

“Rejuvenating women is a faith-based, non-­profit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with the girls and women who are deeply wounded by being a victim of human trafficking by loving each and every girl right where she is at.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!


Cancer Alliance of Nebraska

“Cancer Alliance of Nebraska (CAN) is a nationally-recognized nonprofit partnership of experienced cancer physicians, hospitals, and clinics who coordinate research and provide breakthrough treatments to cancer patients in the comfort of their own communities.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!


Lutheran Family Services

“Since 1892, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska has served children and families. What began as orphanages in Fremont and Omaha has become a statewide outpouring of God´s love through dozens of programs, hundreds of staff members and thousands of volunteers. As the needs of individuals, families and communities have changed over the years, so have our programs.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!


Outlook Nebraska Inc.

“Established in 2000, Outlook Nebraska, Inc.’s mission is to positively impact everyone who is blind or visually impaired.  This mission stems from our desire to overcome the challenges the blind and visually impaired experience in finding gainful employment.  We achieve this mission through many means, but our primary service is employment, which is provided to the blind and visually impaired in an Omaha-based converting operation that supplies a full line of 100 percent recycled fiber content tissue and towel products to the U.S. Government and other customers.”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!



“Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy was started in 1989 by Steve and Janet Henthorn of Omaha, Nebraska.  The program started with one participant, one horse, and three volunteers.  We have grown significantly over the years.  HETRA now has 19 wonderful therapy horses, 21 PATH, Intl. certified instructors, and over 115 participants.  We also offer services in Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, Equine Services for Veterans, and Therapeutic Carriage Driving.  HETRA is a non-profit 501c3 organization and is currently the only PATH Premier Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center in Nebraska!”

Check out their Omaha Gives page!



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Lisa's Story

Lisa’s Story | Outside My Wire

This Mother’s Day we shared yet another Outside My Wire story.

Dillion Naslund completed suicide after serving deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Now his family heals by helping other veterans and their families who are in the same situation.

How the project came together | At Ease USA

At Ease USA supports active military, veterans and their families and loved ones with confidential, research-supported, cost-effective treatment for post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and related disorders. After seeing previous Outside My Wire stories they wanted to help another veteran share theirs. Only this time, it was going to be a bit different. Though this was Dillion’s story, it was Lisa, his mother who would tell it. This was a perspective we had never captured before and we knew we had to do it right.

The plan was to capture the story for Outside My Wire, and also create a shorter version of Lisa’s story that could be played during At Ease’s event on May 22, 2017.

The Shoot

Lisa's StoryOur team traveled to Galva, IA in early April to meet with Lisa Naslund, Dillion’s mother, her husband Jeff and their family. This was a shoot we knew was going to be harder than those we had  previously worked on for Outside My Wire. Dillion had unfortunately lost his own internal battle, and we had to do him justice. We promised Lisa that we would return her baby the way she had given him to us. And now looking back, we know with confirmation from her and her family we did just that.

Lisa's StoryOver the course of two days, Lisa and Jeff allowed us into their home. We shared meals, laughs and tears. We felt the compassion and understanding, the hurt and the anguish that their family has gone through. And the hope that their actions can help someone like Dillion and other families like themselves so that they never have to go through what they are dealing with now. Lisa has since co-founded Operation Engage America with another family in California who have lost their son.

About Outside My Wire

Almost two years ago now, our team sat down with Dan McGuinness to talk about his Complete Nutrition transformation story. We had no idea the story that would soon unfold. Dan was a veteran who dealt with some of the darkest things that we as humans go through and he opened up about them during that interview.

We, along with Dan, knew other veterans needed to hear his story and have a place to share their thoughts and emotions. From there Outside My Wire was born.

We continue to share veterans stories across the United States. And we donate the edit as a way of saying thanks to those who share their story.

The Impact

In 24 hours the Outside My Wire full version of Lisa’s Story was viewed almost 10k times. Now 48 hours after it has been viewed 12k times and shared 167 times. Only $60 was spent on boosting. The amount of organic views it has gotten and shares in such a short amount of time is tremendous. Several strangers have already reached out to Lisa and we know that means the world to her.

Stories like Dillion’s truly make an impact on those who are going through the after effects of war, along with their families finding that their son, daughter, loved one just isn’t the same anymore. It is important to let them know they are not alone, that there are resources for them and that they should reach out to their “battle buddy” now, before its too late.

We thank the Naslund family for sharing their story with us and those who need to hear it most.



To find out more about Outside My Wire, At Ease USA and  Operation Engage America check out their websites.

Frost Media Group is an Omaha video production company.